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func CreateFakeBinary

func CreateFakeBinary(length int) []byte

CreateFakeBinary create a binary file with the specified number of bytes

func CreateGCloudImpl

func CreateGCloudImpl() (string, storage.Storage)

CreateGCloudImpl returns the bucket name used for the test, and the gcloud storage implementation

func DoSha

func DoSha(data []byte) string

DoSha get the sha512 sum of the bytes provided

func GenerateBinaryFromInt

func GenerateBinaryFromInt(index uint32) []byte

GenerateBinaryFromInt generate a binary where the payload is the int value to guarantee unique sha

func IsEmpty

func IsEmpty(obj string)

IsEmpty assert a string is empty

func IsNil

func IsNil(obj interface{})

IsNil assert an instance is nil

func RemoveGCloudTestBucket

func RemoveGCloudTestBucket(bucketName string, storageImpl storage.Storage)

RemoveGCloudTestBucket remove all items in the bucket and it's corresponding bucket when complete


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