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var (
	//KeyPrefixStateDB state db key必须前缀
	KeyPrefixStateDB = "mavl-storage-"
	//KeyPrefixLocalDB local db的key必须前缀
	KeyPrefixLocalDB = "LODB-storage-"


func BatchQueryStorage

func BatchQueryStorage(statedb, localdb dbm.KV, in *ety.BatchQueryStorage) (types.Message, error)

BatchQueryStorage ...

func GetName

func GetName() string

GetName get driver name

func Init

func Init(name string, cfg *types.Chain33Config, sub []byte)

Init register dapp

func InitExecType

func InitExecType()

InitExecType Init Exec Type

func Key

func Key(txHash string) (key []byte)

Key Storage to save key

func QueryStorage

func QueryStorage(statedb, localdb dbm.KV, txHash string) (*ety.Storage, error)

QueryStorage ...

func QueryStorageByTxHash

func QueryStorageByTxHash(db dbm.KV, txhash string) (*ety.Storage, error)

QueryStorageByTxHash ...

func QueryStorageFromLocalDB

func QueryStorageFromLocalDB(localdb dbm.KV, key string) (*ety.Storage, error)

QueryStorageFromLocalDB 因为table表不支持嵌套多种数据存储结构,改成手动KV存储


type StorageAction

type StorageAction struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

StorageAction ...

func (*StorageAction) ContentStorage

func (s *StorageAction) ContentStorage(payload *ety.ContentOnlyNotaryStorage) (*types.Receipt, error)

ContentStorage ...

func (*StorageAction) EncryptAdd added in v1.65.2

func (s *StorageAction) EncryptAdd(payload *ety.EncryptNotaryAdd) (*types.Receipt, error)

EncryptAdd ...

func (*StorageAction) EncryptShareStorage

func (s *StorageAction) EncryptShareStorage(payload *ety.EncryptShareNotaryStorage) (*types.Receipt, error)

EncryptShareStorage ...

func (*StorageAction) EncryptStorage

func (s *StorageAction) EncryptStorage(payload *ety.EncryptNotaryStorage) (*types.Receipt, error)

EncryptStorage ...

func (*StorageAction) GetKVSet

func (s *StorageAction) GetKVSet(payload proto.Message) (kvset []*types.KeyValue)

GetKVSet ...

func (*StorageAction) HashStorage

func (s *StorageAction) HashStorage(payload *ety.HashOnlyNotaryStorage) (*types.Receipt, error)

HashStorage ...

func (*StorageAction) LinkStorage

func (s *StorageAction) LinkStorage(payload *ety.LinkNotaryStorage) (*types.Receipt, error)

LinkStorage ...

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