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func Init

func Init(name string, s rpctypes.RPCServer)

Init : do the init operation


type Grpc

type Grpc struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Grpc : Grpc struct definition

func (Grpc) CreateRawTradeBuyLimitTx

func (cc Grpc) CreateRawTradeBuyLimitTx(ctx context.Context, in *ptypes.TradeForBuyLimit) (*types.UnsignTx, error)

CreateRawTradeBuyLimitTx :

func (Grpc) CreateRawTradeBuyTx

func (cc Grpc) CreateRawTradeBuyTx(ctx context.Context, in *ptypes.TradeForBuy) (*types.UnsignTx, error)

CreateRawTradeBuyTx :

func (Grpc) CreateRawTradeRevokeBuyTx

func (cc Grpc) CreateRawTradeRevokeBuyTx(ctx context.Context, in *ptypes.TradeForRevokeBuy) (*types.UnsignTx, error)

CreateRawTradeRevokeBuyTx :

func (Grpc) CreateRawTradeRevokeTx

func (cc Grpc) CreateRawTradeRevokeTx(ctx context.Context, in *ptypes.TradeForRevokeSell) (*types.UnsignTx, error)

CreateRawTradeRevokeTx :

func (Grpc) CreateRawTradeSellMarketTx

func (cc Grpc) CreateRawTradeSellMarketTx(ctx context.Context, in *ptypes.TradeForSellMarket) (*types.UnsignTx, error)

CreateRawTradeSellMarketTx :

func (Grpc) CreateRawTradeSellTx

func (cc Grpc) CreateRawTradeSellTx(ctx context.Context, in *ptypes.TradeForSell) (*types.UnsignTx, error)

CreateRawTradeSellTx :

type Jrpc

type Jrpc struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Jrpc : Jrpc struct definition

func (*Jrpc) CreateRawTradeBuyLimitTx

func (jrpc *Jrpc) CreateRawTradeBuyLimitTx(in *ptypes.TradeBuyLimitTx, result *interface{}) error

CreateRawTradeBuyLimitTx : 挂买单购买token

func (*Jrpc) CreateRawTradeBuyTx

func (jrpc *Jrpc) CreateRawTradeBuyTx(in *ptypes.TradeBuyTx, result *interface{}) error

CreateRawTradeBuyTx : 创建购买token的未签名交易,向指定卖单发起购买

func (*Jrpc) CreateRawTradeRevokeBuyTx

func (jrpc *Jrpc) CreateRawTradeRevokeBuyTx(in *ptypes.TradeRevokeBuyTx, result *interface{}) error

CreateRawTradeRevokeBuyTx : 取消指定买单

func (*Jrpc) CreateRawTradeRevokeTx

func (jrpc *Jrpc) CreateRawTradeRevokeTx(in *ptypes.TradeRevokeTx, result *interface{}) error

CreateRawTradeRevokeTx : 取消指定卖单

func (*Jrpc) CreateRawTradeSellMarketTx

func (jrpc *Jrpc) CreateRawTradeSellMarketTx(in *ptypes.TradeSellMarketTx, result *interface{}) error

CreateRawTradeSellMarketTx : 向指定买单出售token

func (*Jrpc) CreateRawTradeSellTx

func (jrpc *Jrpc) CreateRawTradeSellTx(in *ptypes.TradeSellTx, result *interface{}) error

CreateRawTradeSellTx : 创建出售token的未签名交易

func (*Jrpc) GetLastMemPool

func (jrpc *Jrpc) GetLastMemPool(in types.ReqNil, result *interface{}) error

GetLastMemPool : get the last memory pool

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