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Published: Sep 13, 2023 License: BSD-3-Clause Imports: 25 Imported by: 0




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func AddToken2LockList

func AddToken2LockList(cmd *cobra.Command, _ []string)

func AddToken2LockListCmd

func AddToken2LockListCmd() *cobra.Command

func ApproveErc20

func ApproveErc20(cmd *cobra.Command, _ []string)

func ApproveErc20Cmd

func ApproveErc20Cmd() *cobra.Command

func Boss4xOfflineCmd

func Boss4xOfflineCmd() *cobra.Command

func ConfigLockedTokenOfflineSaveCmd

func ConfigLockedTokenOfflineSaveCmd() *cobra.Command

func ConfigMultisignLockedTokenOfflineSave

func ConfigMultisignLockedTokenOfflineSave(cmd *cobra.Command, _ []string)

func CreateContractsWithFileCmd added in v1.66.0

func CreateContractsWithFileCmd() *cobra.Command

func CreateCrossBridgeCmd

func CreateCrossBridgeCmd() *cobra.Command

func CreateERC20

func CreateERC20(cmd *cobra.Command, _ []string)

func CreateERC20Cmd

func CreateERC20Cmd() *cobra.Command

func CreateERC20Flags

func CreateERC20Flags(cmd *cobra.Command)

CreateERC20Flags ...

func CreateMultisignTransfer

func CreateMultisignTransfer(cmd *cobra.Command, _ []string)

func CreateMultisignTransferCmd

func CreateMultisignTransferCmd() *cobra.Command

func CreateNewBridgeToken

func CreateNewBridgeToken(cmd *cobra.Command, _ []string)

func CreateNewBridgeTokenCmd

func CreateNewBridgeTokenCmd() *cobra.Command

func InitCfg added in v1.66.0

func InitCfg(filepath string, cfg interface{})

func MultisignTransfer

func MultisignTransfer(cmd *cobra.Command, _ []string)

func MultisignTransferCmd

func MultisignTransferCmd() *cobra.Command

func SendSignTxs2Chain33Cmd

func SendSignTxs2Chain33Cmd() *cobra.Command

func SetWithdrawProxy added in v1.66.0

func SetWithdrawProxy(cmd *cobra.Command, _ []string)

func SetWithdrawProxyCmd added in v1.66.0

func SetWithdrawProxyCmd() *cobra.Command


type DeployChain33ConfigInfo added in v1.66.0

type DeployChain33ConfigInfo struct {
	ValidatorsAddr []string `toml:"validatorsAddr"`
	InitPowers     []int64  `toml:"initPowers"`
	Symbol         string   `toml:"symbol"`
	MultisignAddrs []string `toml:"multisignAddrs"`

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