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Published: Sep 13, 2023 License: BSD-3-Clause Imports: 27 Imported by: 0




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func AddToken2LockListTx

func AddToken2LockListTx(cmd *cobra.Command, _ []string)

func AddToken2LockListTxFlags

func AddToken2LockListTxFlags(cmd *cobra.Command)

func ConfigLockedTokenOfflineSave

func ConfigLockedTokenOfflineSave(cmd *cobra.Command, _ []string)

func ConfigLockedTokenOfflineSaveCmd

func ConfigLockedTokenOfflineSaveCmd() *cobra.Command

func ConfigLockedTokenOfflineSaveFlags

func ConfigLockedTokenOfflineSaveFlags(cmd *cobra.Command)

ConfigLockedTokenOfflineSaveFlags ...

func CreateAddToken2LockListTxCmd

func CreateAddToken2LockListTxCmd() *cobra.Command

func CreateBridgeTokenTx

func CreateBridgeTokenTx(cmd *cobra.Command, _ []string)

func CreateBridgeTokenTxCmd

func CreateBridgeTokenTxCmd() *cobra.Command

func CreateBridgeTokenTxFlags

func CreateBridgeTokenTxFlags(cmd *cobra.Command)

func CreateCmd

func CreateCmd() *cobra.Command

CreateCmd 查询deploy 私钥的nonce信息,并输出到文件中

func CreateEthBridgeBankRelated added in v1.66.0

func CreateEthBridgeBankRelated(cmd *cobra.Command, _ []string)

func CreateEthBridgeBankRelatedCmd added in v1.66.0

func CreateEthBridgeBankRelatedCmd() *cobra.Command

func CreateMultisignTransferTx

func CreateMultisignTransferTx(cmd *cobra.Command, _ []string)

func CreateMultisignTransferTxCmd

func CreateMultisignTransferTxCmd() *cobra.Command

CreateMultisignTransferTxCmd 创建多签转帐交易

func CreateTxInfoAndWrite

func CreateTxInfoAndWrite(abiData []byte, deployAddr, contract, name, url string, chainEthId int64)

func CreateWithFileCmd

func CreateWithFileCmd() *cobra.Command

func DeployBEP20 added in v1.66.0

func DeployBEP20(cmd *cobra.Command, _ []string)

func DeployBEP20Cmd added in v1.66.0

func DeployBEP20Cmd() *cobra.Command

func DeployBEP20Flags added in v1.66.0

func DeployBEP20Flags(cmd *cobra.Command)

func DeployERC20

func DeployERC20(cmd *cobra.Command, _ []string)

func DeployERC20Cmd

func DeployERC20Cmd() *cobra.Command

func DeployERC20Flags

func DeployERC20Flags(cmd *cobra.Command)

func DeployOfflineContractsCmd

func DeployOfflineContractsCmd() *cobra.Command

func DeployTetherUSDT added in v1.66.0

func DeployTetherUSDT(cmd *cobra.Command, _ []string)

func DeployTetherUSDTCmd added in v1.66.0

func DeployTetherUSDTCmd() *cobra.Command

func DeployTetherUSDTFlags added in v1.66.0

func DeployTetherUSDTFlags(cmd *cobra.Command)

func InitCfg

func InitCfg(filepath string, cfg interface{})

func NewTxWrite

func NewTxWrite(infos []*DeployInfo, deployerAddr common.Address, url, fileName string) error

func PreliminarySignMultisignTransferTxCmd

func PreliminarySignMultisignTransferTxCmd() *cobra.Command

PreliminarySignMultisignTransferTxCmd 多签转帐交易 多签多个地址签名 离线

func PrepareCreateMultisignTransferTxCmd

func PrepareCreateMultisignTransferTxCmd() *cobra.Command

PrepareCreateMultisignTransferTxCmd 预备创建一个多签转帐交易 在线

func SendMultisignTransferTx added in v1.67.0

func SendMultisignTransferTx(cmd *cobra.Command, _ []string)

func SendMultisignTransferTxCmd added in v1.67.0

func SendMultisignTransferTxCmd() *cobra.Command

SendMultisignTransferTxCmd 创建多签转帐交易

func SendTxsCmd

func SendTxsCmd() *cobra.Command

func SignCmd

func SignCmd() *cobra.Command


type DeployConfigInfo

type DeployConfigInfo struct {
	OperatorAddr   string   `toml:"operatorAddr"`
	ValidatorsAddr []string `toml:"validatorsAddr"`
	InitPowers     []int64  `toml:"initPowers"`
	Symbol         string   `toml:"symbol"`
	MultisignAddrs []string `toml:"multisignAddrs"`

type DeployContractRet

type DeployContractRet struct {
	ContractAddr string
	TxHash       string
	ContractName string

type DeployInfo

type DeployInfo struct {
	Name           string
	PackData       []byte
	ContractorAddr common.Address
	Nonce          uint64
	To             *common.Address
	RawTx          string
	TxHash         string
	Gas            uint64

func CreateTxInfo added in v1.67.0

func CreateTxInfo(abiData []byte, deployAddr, contract, name, url string, chainEthId int64) *DeployInfo

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