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This is a Go package which maps a (lat, long) to a timezone which forked from bradfitz/latlong.

Since the data source is no longer maintained, we use another OSM-based map timezone-boundary-builder instead.

The z_gen_tables.go was generated by 2018d release



Package latlong maps from a latitude and longitude to a timezone.

It uses the data from compressed down to an internal form optimized for low memory overhead and fast lookups at the expense of perfect accuracy when close to borders. The data files are compiled in to this package and do not require explicit loading.



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func LookupZoneName

func LookupZoneName(lat, long float64) string

LookupZoneName returns the timezone name at the given latitude and longitude. The returned name is either the empty string (if not found) or a name suitable for passing to time.LoadLocation. For example, "America/New_York".


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