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Library written in Go for interacting with auth0

Technical Specifications

Platforms Supported

MacOS, Windows, and Linux

Contributing code

Read this article and follow the steps they outline:

All PRs should be signed off by a member of the team before merging.

Installing dependencies

We use dep for dependency management. To install dependencies:

Generating Fakes

We use to generate fakes (aka mocks). To regenarate a fake after an interface change:

  • Install counterfeiter. See their github repo for install instructions.
  • In the root of the project run go generate


  • Tim Sublette
  • Ryan Walls
  • Chad Queen
  • Pete Krull
  • Alex Drinkwater

Original release

April 2017




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type TokenFetcher

type TokenFetcher interface {
	NewToken(audience string) (string, error)
	Token(audience string) (string, error)

TokenFetcher implementers can fetch an auth0 token.

func NewTokenFetcher

func NewTokenFetcher(httpClient *http.Client, tokenURL, clientID, clientSecret string) TokenFetcher

NewTokenFetcher creates a tokenFetcher that can get an access token for a client_credentials grant from Auth0.

The 3DSIM prod and gov token endpoint is: The 3DSIM qa token endpoint is:

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Code generated by counterfeiter.
Code generated by counterfeiter.

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