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Etcd implementation of the backend, where all vulcand properties are implemented as directories or keys. This backend watches the changes and generates events with sequence of changes.



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type EtcdBackend

type EtcdBackend struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewEtcdBackend

func NewEtcdBackend(registry *plugin.Registry, nodes []string, etcdKey string) (*EtcdBackend, error)

func NewEtcdBackendWithOptions

func NewEtcdBackendWithOptions(registry *plugin.Registry, nodes []string, etcdKey string, options Options) (*EtcdBackend, error)

func (*EtcdBackend) AddEndpoint

func (s *EtcdBackend) AddEndpoint(e *backend.Endpoint) (*backend.Endpoint, error)

func (*EtcdBackend) AddHost

func (s *EtcdBackend) AddHost(h *backend.Host) (*backend.Host, error)

func (*EtcdBackend) AddHostListener

func (s *EtcdBackend) AddHostListener(hostname string, listener *backend.Listener) (*backend.Listener, error)

func (*EtcdBackend) AddLocation

func (s *EtcdBackend) AddLocation(l *backend.Location) (*backend.Location, error)

func (*EtcdBackend) AddLocationMiddleware

func (s *EtcdBackend) AddLocationMiddleware(hostname, locationId string, m *backend.MiddlewareInstance) (*backend.MiddlewareInstance, error)

func (*EtcdBackend) AddUpstream

func (s *EtcdBackend) AddUpstream(u *backend.Upstream) (*backend.Upstream, error)

func (*EtcdBackend) Close

func (s *EtcdBackend) Close()

func (*EtcdBackend) DeleteEndpoint

func (s *EtcdBackend) DeleteEndpoint(upstreamId, id string) error

func (*EtcdBackend) DeleteHost

func (s *EtcdBackend) DeleteHost(name string) error

func (*EtcdBackend) DeleteHostListener

func (s *EtcdBackend) DeleteHostListener(hostname string, listenerId string) error

func (*EtcdBackend) DeleteLocation

func (s *EtcdBackend) DeleteLocation(hostname, id string) error

func (*EtcdBackend) DeleteLocationMiddleware

func (s *EtcdBackend) DeleteLocationMiddleware(hostname, locationId, mType, id string) error

func (*EtcdBackend) DeleteUpstream

func (s *EtcdBackend) DeleteUpstream(upstreamId string) error

func (*EtcdBackend) ExpectLocation

func (s *EtcdBackend) ExpectLocation(hostname, locationId string) error

func (*EtcdBackend) GetEndpoint

func (s *EtcdBackend) GetEndpoint(upstreamId, id string) (*backend.Endpoint, error)

func (*EtcdBackend) GetHost

func (s *EtcdBackend) GetHost(hostname string) (*backend.Host, error)

func (*EtcdBackend) GetHosts

func (s *EtcdBackend) GetHosts() ([]*backend.Host, error)

func (*EtcdBackend) GetLocation

func (s *EtcdBackend) GetLocation(hostname, locationId string) (*backend.Location, error)

func (*EtcdBackend) GetLocationMiddleware

func (s *EtcdBackend) GetLocationMiddleware(hostname, locationId, mType, id string) (*backend.MiddlewareInstance, error)

func (*EtcdBackend) GetRegistry

func (s *EtcdBackend) GetRegistry() *plugin.Registry

func (*EtcdBackend) GetUpstream

func (s *EtcdBackend) GetUpstream(upstreamId string) (*backend.Upstream, error)

func (*EtcdBackend) GetUpstreams

func (s *EtcdBackend) GetUpstreams() ([]*backend.Upstream, error)

func (*EtcdBackend) UpdateHostKeyPair

func (s *EtcdBackend) UpdateHostKeyPair(hostname string, keyPair *backend.KeyPair) (*backend.Host, error)

func (*EtcdBackend) UpdateLocationMiddleware

func (s *EtcdBackend) UpdateLocationMiddleware(hostname, locationId string, m *backend.MiddlewareInstance) (*backend.MiddlewareInstance, error)

func (*EtcdBackend) UpdateLocationOptions

func (s *EtcdBackend) UpdateLocationOptions(hostname, id string, o backend.LocationOptions) (*backend.Location, error)

func (*EtcdBackend) UpdateLocationUpstream

func (s *EtcdBackend) UpdateLocationUpstream(hostname, id, upstreamId string) (*backend.Location, error)

func (*EtcdBackend) UpdateUpstreamOptions

func (s *EtcdBackend) UpdateUpstreamOptions(id string, o backend.UpstreamOptions) (*backend.Upstream, error)

func (*EtcdBackend) WatchChanges

func (s *EtcdBackend) WatchChanges(changes chan interface{}, cancelC chan bool) error

Watches etcd changes and generates structured events telling vulcand to add or delete locations, hosts etc.

type MatcherFn

type MatcherFn func(*etcd.Response) (interface{}, error)

type Options

type Options struct {
	EtcdConsistency string
	Box             *secret.Box

type Pair

type Pair struct {
	Key string
	Val string

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