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func Validator

func Validator() pgs.Module


type FieldType

type FieldType interface {
	ProtoType() pgs.ProtoType
	Embed() pgs.Message

type Module

type Module struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Module) CheckAny

func (m *Module) CheckAny(ft FieldType, r *validate.AnyRules)

func (*Module) CheckBytes

func (m *Module) CheckBytes(r *validate.BytesRules)

func (*Module) CheckDouble

func (m *Module) CheckDouble(r *validate.DoubleRules)

func (*Module) CheckDuration

func (m *Module) CheckDuration(ft FieldType, r *validate.DurationRules)

func (*Module) CheckEnum

func (m *Module) CheckEnum(ft FieldType, r *validate.EnumRules)

func (*Module) CheckFieldRules

func (m *Module) CheckFieldRules(typ FieldType, rules *validate.FieldRules)

func (*Module) CheckFixed32

func (m *Module) CheckFixed32(r *validate.Fixed32Rules)

func (*Module) CheckFixed64

func (m *Module) CheckFixed64(r *validate.Fixed64Rules)

func (*Module) CheckFloat

func (m *Module) CheckFloat(r *validate.FloatRules)

func (*Module) CheckInt32

func (m *Module) CheckInt32(r *validate.Int32Rules)

func (*Module) CheckInt64

func (m *Module) CheckInt64(r *validate.Int64Rules)

func (*Module) CheckMap

func (m *Module) CheckMap(ft FieldType, r *validate.MapRules)

func (*Module) CheckMessage

func (m *Module) CheckMessage(f pgs.Field, rules *validate.FieldRules)

func (*Module) CheckRepeated

func (m *Module) CheckRepeated(ft FieldType, r *validate.RepeatedRules)

func (*Module) CheckRules

func (m *Module) CheckRules(msg pgs.Message)

func (*Module) CheckSFixed32

func (m *Module) CheckSFixed32(r *validate.SFixed32Rules)

func (*Module) CheckSFixed64

func (m *Module) CheckSFixed64(r *validate.SFixed64Rules)

func (*Module) CheckSInt32

func (m *Module) CheckSInt32(r *validate.SInt32Rules)

func (*Module) CheckSInt64

func (m *Module) CheckSInt64(r *validate.SInt64Rules)

func (*Module) CheckString

func (m *Module) CheckString(r *validate.StringRules)

func (*Module) CheckTimestamp

func (m *Module) CheckTimestamp(ft FieldType, r *validate.TimestampRules)

func (*Module) CheckUInt32

func (m *Module) CheckUInt32(r *validate.UInt32Rules)

func (*Module) CheckUInt64

func (m *Module) CheckUInt64(r *validate.UInt64Rules)

func (*Module) Execute

func (m *Module) Execute(targets map[string]pgs.File, pkgs map[string]pgs.Package) []pgs.Artifact

func (*Module) InitContext

func (m *Module) InitContext(ctx pgs.BuildContext)

func (*Module) MustType

func (m *Module) MustType(typ FieldType, pt pgs.ProtoType, wrapper pgs.WellKnownType)

func (*Module) Name

func (m *Module) Name() string

type Repeatable

type Repeatable interface {
	IsRepeated() bool

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