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type Address

type Address struct {
	Address AddressClass `json:"Address"`

type AddressClass

type AddressClass struct {
	SocketAddress SocketAddress `json:"SocketAddress"`

type Attributes

type Attributes struct {
	Source      Destination `json:"source"`
	Destination Destination `json:"destination"`
	Request     Request     `json:"request"`

type Destination

type Destination struct {
	Address Address `json:"address"`

type HTTP

type HTTP struct {
	ID       string            `json:"id"`
	Method   string            `json:"method"`
	Headers  map[string]string `json:"headers"`
	Path     string            `json:"path"`
	Host     string            `json:"host"`
	Protocol string            `json:"protocol"`
	Body     string            `json:"body"`

type Input

type Input struct {
	ParsedPath  []string    `json:"parsed_path"`
	ParsedQuery ParsedQuery `json:"parsed_query"`
	ParsedBody  ParsedBody  `json:"parsed_body"`
	Attributes  Attributes  `json:"attributes"`

func (*Input) QueryArgs

func (input *Input) QueryArgs() map[string]string

type ParsedBody

type ParsedBody struct {
	ID   string `json:"id"`
	Name string `json:"name"`

type ParsedQuery

type ParsedQuery struct {
	Lang []string `json:"lang"`

type PortSpecifier

type PortSpecifier struct {
	PortValue int64 `json:"PortValue"`

type Request

type Request struct {
	HTTP HTTP `json:"http"`

type SocketAddress

type SocketAddress struct {
	Address       string        `json:"address"`
	PortSpecifier PortSpecifier `json:"PortSpecifier"`

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