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func Mappings

func Mappings() map[envoy.Type]string

Mappings return a map associating "".Type to the v2 envoy API type URLs for each resource type


type Generator

type Generator struct{}

Generator returns a strcut that implements the envoy_resources.Generator interface for v2 resources

func (Generator) New

func (g Generator) New(rType envoy.Type) envoy.Resource

New returns an empty resource of the given type

func (Generator) NewSecret

func (g Generator) NewSecret(name, privateKey, certificateChain string) envoy.Resource

NewSecret generates return a new envoy seret given the certificate and key.

func (Generator) NewSecretFromPath

func (g Generator) NewSecretFromPath(name, certificateChainPath, privateKeyPath string) envoy.Resource

NewSecretFromPath returns an envoy secret that uses path sds to get the certificate from a path and reload it whenever the certificate files change