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var (
	ErrorNotSSRLink             = errors.New("not a correct ssr link")
	ErrorPasswordParseFail      = errors.New("password parse failed")
	ErrorPathNotComplete        = errors.New("path not complete")
	ErrorMissingQuery           = errors.New("link missing query")
	ErrorProtocolParamParseFail = errors.New("protocol param parse failed")
	ErrorObfsParamParseFail     = errors.New("obfs param parse failed")
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var (
	ErrorNotVmessLink          = errors.New("not a correct vmess link")
	ErrorVmessPayloadParseFail = errors.New("vmess link payload parse failed")
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var (
	// ErrorNotSSLink is an error type
	ErrorNotSSLink = errors.New("not a correct ss link")
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var (
	ErrorNotTrojanink = errors.New("not a correct trojan link")
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var ErrorTypeCanNotConvert = errors.New("type not support")
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var SSCipherList = []string{
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var SSRCipherList = []string{


func GrepSSLinkFromString

func GrepSSLinkFromString(text string) []string

GrepSSLinkFromString() remove web fuzz characters before a ss link

func GrepSSRLinkFromString

func GrepSSRLinkFromString(text string) []string

func GrepTrojanLinkFromString

func GrepTrojanLinkFromString(text string) []string

func GrepVmessLinkFromString

func GrepVmessLinkFromString(text string) []string


type Base

type Base struct {
	Name    string `yaml:"name" json:"name" gorm:"index"`
	Server  string `yaml:"server" json:"server" gorm:"index"`
	Type    string `yaml:"type" json:"type" gorm:"index"`
	Country string `yaml:"country,omitempty" json:"country,omitempty" gorm:"index"`
	Port    int    `yaml:"port" json:"port" gorm:"index"`
	UDP     bool   `yaml:"udp,omitempty" json:"udp,omitempty"`
	Useable bool   `yaml:"useable,omitempty" json:"useable,omitempty" gorm:"index"`

Base implements interface Proxy. It's the basic proxy struct. Vmess etc extends Base

func (*Base) AddBeforeName

func (b *Base) AddBeforeName(name string)

func (*Base) AddToName

func (b *Base) AddToName(name string)

func (*Base) BaseInfo

func (b *Base) BaseInfo() *Base

BaseInfo() get basic info struct of a proxy

func (*Base) Clone

func (b *Base) Clone() Base

Clone() returns a new basic proxy

func (*Base) SetCountry

func (b *Base) SetCountry(country string)

SetUseable() set Base info "Country" (string)

func (*Base) SetIP

func (b *Base) SetIP(ip string)

SetIP() to a proxy

func (*Base) SetName

func (b *Base) SetName(name string)

SetName() to a proxy

func (*Base) SetUseable

func (b *Base) SetUseable(useable bool)

SetUseable() set Base info "Useable" (true or false)

func (*Base) TypeName

func (b *Base) TypeName() string

TypeName() Get specific proxy type

type HTTP2Options

type HTTP2Options struct {
	Host []string `yaml:"host,omitempty" json:"host,omitempty"`
	Path string   `yaml:"path,omitempty" json:"path,omitempty"` // 暂只处理一个Path

type HTTPOptions

type HTTPOptions struct {
	Method  string              `yaml:"method,omitempty" json:"method,omitempty"`
	Path    []string            `yaml:"path,omitempty" json:"path,omitempty"`
	Headers map[string][]string `yaml:"headers,omitempty" json:"headers,omitempty"`

type Proxy

type Proxy interface {
	String() string
	ToClash() string
	ToSurge() string
	Link() string
	Identifier() string
	SetName(name string)
	AddToName(name string)
	SetIP(ip string)
	TypeName() string //ss ssr vmess trojan
	BaseInfo() *Base
	Clone() Proxy
	SetUseable(useable bool)
	SetCountry(country string)

func ParseProxyFromClashProxy

func ParseProxyFromClashProxy(p map[string]interface{}) (proxy Proxy, err error)
func ParseProxyFromLink(link string) (p Proxy, err error)

type ProxyList

type ProxyList []Proxy

func (ProxyList) Clone

func (ps ProxyList) Clone() ProxyList

func (ProxyList) Deduplication

func (ps ProxyList) Deduplication() ProxyList

Deduplication by proxy identifier

func (ProxyList) Derive

func (ps ProxyList) Derive() ProxyList

Derive 将原有节点中的ss和ssr互相转换进行衍生

func (ProxyList) Len

func (ps ProxyList) Len() int


func (ProxyList) Less

func (ps ProxyList) Less(i, j int) bool


func (ProxyList) NameAddCounrty

func (ps ProxyList) NameAddCounrty() ProxyList

func (ProxyList) NameAddIndex

func (ps ProxyList) NameAddIndex() ProxyList

func (ProxyList) NameAddTG

func (ps ProxyList) NameAddTG() ProxyList

func (ProxyList) NameClear

func (ps ProxyList) NameClear() ProxyList

func (ProxyList) NameReIndex

func (ps ProxyList) NameReIndex() ProxyList

func (ProxyList) Sort

func (ps ProxyList) Sort() ProxyList

func (ProxyList) Swap

func (ps ProxyList) Swap(i, j int)


func (ProxyList) TypeLen

func (ps ProxyList) TypeLen(t string) int

func (*ProxyList) UniqAppendProxy

func (ps *ProxyList) UniqAppendProxy(new Proxy) ProxyList

Append an unique new proxy to original ProxyList

func (*ProxyList) UniqAppendProxyList

func (ps *ProxyList) UniqAppendProxyList(new ProxyList) ProxyList

Append unique new proxies to original ProxyList

type Shadowsocks

type Shadowsocks struct {
	Password   string                 `yaml:"password" json:"password"`
	Cipher     string                 `yaml:"cipher" json:"cipher"`
	Plugin     string                 `yaml:"plugin,omitempty" json:"plugin,omitempty"`
	PluginOpts map[string]interface{} `yaml:"plugin-opts,omitempty" json:"plugin-opts,omitempty"`

Shadowsocks is a type of proxy

func Convert2SS

func Convert2SS(p Proxy) (ss *Shadowsocks, err error)

Convert2SS convert proxy to Shadowsocks if possible

func ParseSSLink(link string) (*Shadowsocks, error)

ParseSSLink() parses an ss link to ss proxy

func (Shadowsocks) Clone

func (ss Shadowsocks) Clone() Proxy

func (Shadowsocks) Identifier

func (ss Shadowsocks) Identifier() string

Identifier generates an unique identifier of one proxy

func (ss Shadowsocks) Link() (link string) Link converts a ss proxy to string

func (Shadowsocks) String

func (ss Shadowsocks) String() string

func (Shadowsocks) ToClash

func (ss Shadowsocks) ToClash() string

ToClash converts proxy to clash proxy string

func (Shadowsocks) ToSurge

func (ss Shadowsocks) ToSurge() string

ToSurge converts proxy to surge proxy string

type ShadowsocksR

type ShadowsocksR struct {
	Password      string `yaml:"password" json:"password"`
	Cipher        string `yaml:"cipher" json:"cipher"`
	Protocol      string `yaml:"protocol" json:"protocol"`
	ProtocolParam string `yaml:"protocol-param,omitempty" json:"protocol-param,omitempty"`
	Obfs          string `yaml:"obfs" json:"obfs"`
	ObfsParam     string `yaml:"obfs-param,omitempty" json:"obfs-param,omitempty"`
	Group         string `yaml:"group,omitempty" json:"group,omitempty"`


func Convert2SSR

func Convert2SSR(p Proxy) (ssr *ShadowsocksR, err error)

Convert2SS convert proxy to ShadowsocksR if possible

func ParseSSRLink(link string) (*ShadowsocksR, error)

func (ShadowsocksR) Clone

func (ssr ShadowsocksR) Clone() Proxy

func (ShadowsocksR) Identifier

func (ssr ShadowsocksR) Identifier() string

func (ShadowsocksR) String

func (ssr ShadowsocksR) String() string

func (ShadowsocksR) ToClash

func (ssr ShadowsocksR) ToClash() string

func (ShadowsocksR) ToSurge

func (ssr ShadowsocksR) ToSurge() string

type Trojan

type Trojan struct {
	Password       string   `yaml:"password" json:"password"`
	ALPN           []string `yaml:"alpn,omitempty" json:"alpn,omitempty"`
	SNI            string   `yaml:"sni,omitempty" json:"sni,omitempty"`
	SkipCertVerify bool     `yaml:"skip-cert-verify,omitempty" json:"skip-cert-verify,omitempty"`
	UDP            bool     `yaml:"udp,omitempty" json:"udp,omitempty"`
func ParseTrojanLink(link string) (*Trojan, error)

func (Trojan) Clone

func (t Trojan) Clone() Proxy

func (Trojan) Identifier

func (t Trojan) Identifier() string

func (Trojan) String

func (t Trojan) String() string

func (Trojan) ToClash

func (t Trojan) ToClash() string

func (Trojan) ToSurge

func (t Trojan) ToSurge() string

type Vmess

type Vmess struct {
	UUID           string            `yaml:"uuid" json:"uuid"`
	AlterID        int               `yaml:"alterId" json:"alterId"`
	Cipher         string            `yaml:"cipher" json:"cipher"`
	Network        string            `yaml:"network,omitempty" json:"network,omitempty"`
	WSPath         string            `yaml:"ws-path,omitempty" json:"ws-path,omitempty"`
	ServerName     string            `yaml:"servername,omitempty" json:"servername,omitempty"`
	WSHeaders      map[string]string `yaml:"ws-headers,omitempty" json:"ws-headers,omitempty"`
	HTTPOpts       HTTPOptions       `yaml:"http-opts,omitempty" json:"http-opts,omitempty"`
	HTTP2Opts      HTTP2Options      `yaml:"h2-opts,omitempty" json:"h2-opts,omitempty"`
	TLS            bool              `yaml:"tls,omitempty" json:"tls,omitempty"`
	SkipCertVerify bool              `yaml:"skip-cert-verify,omitempty" json:"skip-cert-verify,omitempty"`
func ParseVmessLink(link string) (*Vmess, error)

func (Vmess) Clone

func (v Vmess) Clone() Proxy

func (Vmess) Identifier

func (v Vmess) Identifier() string
func (v Vmess) Link() (link string)

func (Vmess) String

func (v Vmess) String() string

func (Vmess) ToClash

func (v Vmess) ToClash() string

func (Vmess) ToSurge

func (v Vmess) ToSurge() string

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