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Sick of sed? Peaked about perl? Use temple to substitute your variables!



I have pre-built binaries for several platform already. They are available on the releases page.


If you have go v1.6 installed, then you can build the binary with the following command:

go get -u -v docwhat.org/temple


usage: temple [<flags>] <template>

Fast and simple templating engine

  -h, --help                 Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long and --help-man).
      --version              Show application version.
  -j, --json-data=JSON-DATA  A JSON file to use via the {{json.<foo>}} interface (Env: TEMPLE_JSON_DATA_FILE)
  -H, --html                 Use HTML templating instead of text templating (Env: TEMPLE_HTML)

  <template>  A Go Template file.

Note that the JSON file must be an object at the top level. Example:

  "key": "value",
  "key2": 2

Template Syntax

For complete documentation, read go's text/template and html/template.

Sprig Functions

Temple supports the complete list of Sprig functions.

Data Sources
  • {{hostname}} -- The systems fully qualified domain name.
  • {{uid}} -- UID of the user running temple.
  • {{gid}} -- GID of the user running temple.
  • {{euid}} -- Effective UID of the user running temple.
  • {{egid}} -- Effective GID of the user running temple.
  • {{pwd}} -- The current working directory.
  • {{json}} -- Access to your JSON data. Use dot notation to get access to items. e.g. {{json.authors.greenwood.first_name}}
  • {{index <expr> 99}} -- The 99th item of the array <expr>.
  • {{<expr> | js}} -- <expr> escaped/quoted for JavaScript & JSON.
  • {{<expr> | html}} -- <expr> escaped/quoted for HTML.
  • {{<expr> | urlquery}} -- <expr> escaped/quoted for a URL quoting. i.e. replacing spaces with + and using %NN syntax.
  • {{<expr> | shellquote}} -- <expr> escaped/quoted for POSIX shells.
  • {{<expr> | len}} -- The length of the <expr>.
Flow Control
  • {{if <expr>}}true string{{else}}false string{{end}} -- If/Else syntax. The {{else}} is optional.
  • {{range <array>}} item: {{.}} {{else}} The list is empty {{end}} -- Iterate over <array>. The {{else}} is optional.
  • {{<expr> -}} -- Trim whitespace to the right. e.g. {{1 -}} .0 becomes 1.0.
  • {{- <expr>}} -- Trim whitespace to the left.
  • {{- <expr> -}} -- Trim whitespace to the right and left.
  • {{/* comment */}} -- Comments!



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