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bookmark tool inspired by


Usage of ./bm:
  -file="bm.json": file to save bm
  -host="": hostname to listen on ((like apache virtualhost)
  -port="8889": port the webserver listens on
  -secret="secret": secret cookie url to auth on
bm -host myserver.tld -port 80 -secret mysecret

Authorize yourself one time by going to http://myserver.tld/mysecret (specified with -secret flag, this sets a cookie)

Type the site you're running this on before the URL you want to bookmark.

e.g. If you want to bookmark you go to http://myserver.tld/

See your bookmarks by going to / or /mybookmarks.

Bookmarks are saved in bm.json




Make sure you have Go properly installed, including setting up your GOPATH

Next, run

$ cd $GOPATH
$ go get

You'll have the binary 'bm' in $GOPATH/bin


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