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project description

Keywords: rebate WeChat Alimama robot cross platform

RebateBot, based on WeChat to establish robot channels and users to quickly generate rebate links through chat

You only need the minimal computer performance and an idle WeChat can to turn on a 24-hour unmanned shift RebateBot Shopping only needs to send a link to the robot, and the robot can immediately give you a discount price and link.

Function realization

WeChat robot

This module can see the latest code WeChatBot

  • message callback
  • auto reply message
  • Add friend callback
  • Default to add new friends
  • Auto Reply (text, emoticon)
  • link identify
  • word command identify
  • Convert links to discount links
  • automatically assigns different pids
  • Scan QRcode login
  • Order scheduled download
  • automatically calculate the rebate point
Message Processing
  • Sign in
  • Help
  • Automatic Binding Order
  • Manually bind the order
  • withdrawal
  • Receiving reminder
  • Payment reminder


Development and build

Environmental requirements

  • golang
  • mysql

Pull code

Git clone
Cd RebateBot

Installation dependencies

Go get
Cd msgprocess
Go get
Cd ../alimama
Go get
Cd ../

Configuring mysql

Cd msgprocess
Vim database.json

    "database": "webot", //database name
    "host": "", //Database Host
    "user": "root", //database username
    "password": "" / / database password


Go run master.go

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