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const UserAgent = "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/84.0.4147.105 Safari/537.36"


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func Base64DecodeString

func Base64DecodeString(src string) (dst string, err error)

Base64DecodeString decodes base64 string to readable string

func Base64EncodeBytes

func Base64EncodeBytes(origin []byte) (result string)

func Base64EncodeString

func Base64EncodeString(origin string, urlsafe bool) (result string)

func CFEmailDecode

func CFEmailDecode(a string) (s string, err error)

Remove cloudflare email protection

func CFScriptRedirect

func CFScriptRedirect(url string) (string, error)

Return full accessible url from a script protected url. If not a script url, return input

func CheckInList

func CheckInList(list []string, item string) bool

func ContainChineseChar

func ContainChineseChar(str string) bool

func GetCFEmailPayload

func GetCFEmailPayload(str string) string

Find email playload

func GetColly

func GetColly() *colly.Collector

func ScriptGet

func ScriptGet(js string, varname string) (string, error)

Get result var of a js script

func ScriptReplace

func ScriptReplace(js string, varname string) string

Replace location with varname and remove window


type HttpClient

type HttpClient struct {

func GetHttpClient

func GetHttpClient() *HttpClient

func (*HttpClient) Get

func (c *HttpClient) Get(url string) (resp *http.Response, err error)

func (*HttpClient) Post

func (c *HttpClient) Post(url string, body io.Reader) (resp *http.Response, err error)

type Options

type Options map[string]interface{}

Options of getters in sources

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