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var Methods = map[string]Func{}


func Available

func Available() []string

func KDialogMfaPrompt

func KDialogMfaPrompt(mfaSerial string) (string, error)

func OSAScriptMfaPrompt

func OSAScriptMfaPrompt(mfaSerial string) (string, error)

func PassMfaProvider

func PassMfaProvider(mfaSerial string) (string, error)

PassOTPProvider uses the pass otp extension to generate a OATH-TOTP token To set up pass otp, first create a pass otp credential with a name of your mfaSerial, or set PASS_OATH_CREDENTIAL_NAME.

func TerminalMfaPrompt

func TerminalMfaPrompt(mfaSerial string) (string, error)

func TerminalPrompt

func TerminalPrompt(message string) (string, error)

func TerminalSecretPrompt

func TerminalSecretPrompt(message string) (string, error)

func YkmanMfaProvider

func YkmanMfaProvider(mfaSerial string) (string, error)

YkmanProvider runs ykman to generate a OATH-TOTP token from the Yubikey device To set up ykman, first run `ykman oath accounts add`

func ZenityMfaPrompt

func ZenityMfaPrompt(mfaSerial string) (string, error)


type Func added in v6.6.0

type Func func(string) (string, error)

func Method

func Method(s string) Func

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