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const (
	MetadataLastModified = "last_modified"
	MetadataURL          = "url"

    These keys identify values in the record Metadata cache


    This section is empty.


    func SetGCPercentIfNotSet

    func SetGCPercentIfNotSet(percent int)

      SetGCPercentIfNotSet sets the GC target percentage, unless GOGC environment variable is set, in which case SetGCPercentIfNotSet doesn't not override it and let it as is.


      type CompressedInput

      type CompressedInput struct {
      	Opener func(fn string) (io.ReadCloser, int64, time.Time, *url.URL, error)
      	Sizer  func(fn string) (int64, error)
      	Done   chan bool
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        CompressedInput is a base for creating input components that processes multiple gzip or zstd-compressed logs coming from arbitrary sources.

        This class implements an internal queue of files (expressed by filenames) and instantiates a number of workers to process them. Subclasses can enqueue a file for processing through compressedInput.ProcessFile()

        It must be configured with an Opener function that is able to open a file given its filename and returns a io.ReadCloser instance for that file.

        func NewCompressedInput

        func NewCompressedInput(opener func(fn string) (io.ReadCloser, int64, time.Time, *url.URL, error), sizer func(fn string) (int64, error), done chan bool) *CompressedInput

        func (*CompressedInput) FreeMem

        func (s *CompressedInput) FreeMem(data *baker.Data)

        func (*CompressedInput) NoMoreFiles

        func (s *CompressedInput) NoMoreFiles()

          Signal compressedInput that we've finished enqueuing files, and it can exit whenever it has finished processing what was already enqueued. This can be used by an input which has a fixed set of files to process.

          func (*CompressedInput) ParseFile

          func (s *CompressedInput) ParseFile(fn string)

          func (*CompressedInput) ProcessFile

          func (s *CompressedInput) ProcessFile(fn string) error

            Enqueue a file for processing by compressedInput. This function must be called by subclasses to schedule processing a (gzip|zstd) logfile. The function just enqueues the file and exits, so it's normally fast, but might block if the backlog is bigger than internal channel size (default: 1024 files)

            func (*CompressedInput) SetOutputChannel

            func (s *CompressedInput) SetOutputChannel(data chan<- *baker.Data)

            func (*CompressedInput) Stats

            func (s *CompressedInput) Stats() baker.InputStats

            func (*CompressedInput) Stop

            func (s *CompressedInput) Stop()

            type S3Input

            type S3Input struct {
            	Bucket string
            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            func NewS3Input

            func NewS3Input(region, bucket string) *S3Input

            func (*S3Input) ProcessDirectory

            func (s *S3Input) ProcessDirectory(prefix string) error

              ProcessDirectory enqueues all files matching a specific prefix for processing by s3Input. If prefix is actually a s3 url use the bucket there instead of the one provided at creation time.

              This function makes (multiple) remotes call to acquire the listing of all files matching the specified prefix in the bucket, and enqueue them for processing,