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Published: Jul 28, 2022 License: MIT Imports: 19 Imported by: 3



Package jobs implements the basic Job structure and related functionality



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const (
	StatusFailed    = "FAILED"
	StatusPending   = "PENDING"
	StatusRunnable  = "RUNNABLE"
	StatusRunning   = "RUNNING"
	StatusStarting  = "STARTING"
	StatusSubmitted = "SUBMITTED"
	StatusSucceeded = "SUCCEEDED"

Job Status Constants


StatusList is a list of all possible job statuses


func KillTimedOutJobs

func KillTimedOutJobs(finder FinderStorer) error

func MonitorComputeEnvironments

func MonitorComputeEnvironments(fs Storer, queues []string)

func MonitorECSClusters

func MonitorECSClusters(fs Storer, queues []string) error

func ScaleComputeEnvironments

func ScaleComputeEnvironments(storer Storer, queues []string)


type ArrayProperties

type ArrayProperties struct {
	Size          int64         `json:"size"`
	StatusSummary StatusSummary `json:"status_summary"`

ArrayProperties are properties of a parent array job.

func (*ArrayProperties) Scan

func (a *ArrayProperties) Scan(value interface{}) error

Scan implements the sql.Scanner interface. This method is needed for JSONB deserialization from the database.

func (ArrayProperties) Value

func (a ArrayProperties) Value() (driver.Value, error)

Value implements the driver.Valuer interface. This method is needed for JSONB serialization to the database.

type ComputeEnvironment

type ComputeEnvironment struct {
	Name        string
	WantedvCpus int64
	MinvCpus    int64
	MaxvCpus    int64
	State       string
	ServiceRole string

func GetComputeEnvironments

func GetComputeEnvironments(parentSpan opentracing.Span) ([]ComputeEnvironment, error)

type Ec2Info

type Ec2Info struct {
	PrivateIP             *string
	PublicIP              *string
	AMI                   string
	ComputeEnvironmentARN string
	ECSClusterARN         string
	AvailabilityZone      string
	SpotInstanceRequestID *string
	InstanceType          string
	LaunchedAt            *time.Time

type Finder

type Finder interface {
	// Find finds a jobs matching the query
	Find(opts *Options) ([]*Job, error)

	// FindOne finds a job matching the query
	FindOne(query string) (*Job, error)

	// FindTimedoutJobs finds all job IDs that should have timed out by now
	FindTimedoutJobs() ([]string, error)

	// Simple endpoint that returns a string for job status.
	GetStatus(jobid string) (*JobStatus, error)

	JobStats(opts *JobStatsOptions) ([]*JobStats, error)

Finder is an interface to find jobs in a database/store

type FinderStorer

type FinderStorer interface {

	// Methods to get information about Job Queues
	ListActiveJobQueues() ([]string, error)
	ListForcedScalingJobQueues() ([]string, error)

	ActivateJobQueue(string) error
	DeactivateJobQueue(string) error

FinderStorer is an interface that can both save and retrieve jobs

func NewPostgreSQLStore

func NewPostgreSQLStore(databaseHost string, databasePort int, databaseUsername string, databaseName string, databasePassword string, databaseRootCertificate string) (FinderStorer, error)

type Job

type Job struct {
	Id                   string           `json:"id"`
	Name                 string           `json:"name"`
	Status               string           `json:"status"`
	Description          string           `json:"desc"`
	LastUpdated          time.Time        `json:"last_updated"`
	JobQueue             string           `json:"job_queue"`
	Image                string           `json:"image"`
	CreatedAt            time.Time        `json:"created_at"`
	StoppedAt            *time.Time       `json:"stopped_at"`
	VCpus                int64            `json:"vcpus"`
	Memory               int64            `json:"memory"`
	Timeout              int              `json:"timeout"`
	CommandLine          string           `json:"command_line"`
	StatusReason         *string          `json:"status_reason"`
	RunStartTime         *time.Time       `json:"run_start_time"`
	ExitCode             *int64           `json:"exitcode"`
	LogStreamName        *string          `json:"log_stream_name"`
	TerminationRequested bool             `json:"termination_requested"`
	TaskARN              *string          `json:"task_arn"`
	InstanceID           *string          `json:"instance_id"`
	PublicIP             *string          `json:"public_ip"`
	PrivateIP            *string          `json:"private_ip"`
	ArrayProperties      *ArrayProperties `json:"array_properties,omitempty"`

type JobStats

type JobStats struct {
	JobQueue        string  `json:"job_queue"`
	Status          string  `json:"status"`
	Timestamp       float64 `json:"timestamp"`
	VCPUSeconds     float64 `json:"vcpu_seconds"`
	MemorySeconds   float64 `json:"memory_seconds"`
	InstanceSeconds float64 `json:"instance_seconds"`
	JobCount        int     `json:"job_count"`
	Interval        int64   `json:"interval"`

type JobStatsOptions

type JobStatsOptions struct {
	Queues   []string
	Status   []string
	Interval int64
	Start    int64
	End      int64

type JobStatus

type JobStatus struct {
	Id     string `json:"id"`
	Status string `json:"status"`

type JobSummary

type JobSummary struct {
	JobQueue  string
	Submitted int64
	Pending   int64
	Runnable  int64
	Starting  int64
	Running   int64

type KillTaskID

type KillTaskID struct {
	ID string `json:"id" form:"id" query:"id"`

KillTaskID is a struct to handle JSON request to kill a task

type Killer

type Killer interface {
	// KillOne kills a job matching the query
	KillOne(jobID string, reason string, store Storer) error

	// Kills jobs and instances that are stuck in STARTING status
	KillInstances(instances []string) error

Killer is an interface to kill jobs in the queue

func NewKillerHandler

func NewKillerHandler() (Killer, error)

type KillerHandler

type KillerHandler struct {

func (*KillerHandler) KillInstances

func (th *KillerHandler) KillInstances(instances []string) error

func (*KillerHandler) KillOne

func (th *KillerHandler) KillOne(jobID string, reason string, store Storer) error

type Options

type Options struct {
	Search  string
	Limit   int
	Offset  int
	Queues  []string
	SortBy  string
	SortAsc bool
	Status  []string

Options is the query options for the Find method to use

type RunningLoad

type RunningLoad struct {
	WantedVCpus  int64
	WantedMemory int64

This structure describes how many vcpus and memory the currently queued jobs require

type StatusSummary

type StatusSummary struct {
	Starting  int64 `json:"starting"`
	Failed    int64 `json:"failed"`
	Running   int64 `json:"running"`
	Succeeded int64 `json:"succeeded"`
	Runnable  int64 `json:"runnable"`
	Submitted int64 `json:"submitted"`
	Pending   int64 `json:"pending"`

StatusSummary is counts of statuses of child array jobs

type Storer

type Storer interface {
	// Store saves a job
	Store(job []*Job) error

	// Gives the store a chance to stale jobs we no longer know about
	// The argument is a set (value is ignored) of all known job_ids currently by AWS Batch
	StaleOldJobs(map[string]bool) error

	// Finds estimated load per job queue
	EstimateRunningLoadByJobQueue([]string) (map[string]RunningLoad, error)

	// Update compute environment logs
	UpdateComputeEnvironmentsLog([]ComputeEnvironment) error

	// Update job summaries
	UpdateJobSummaryLog([]JobSummary) error

	// Mark on job that we requested it to be terminated
	UpdateJobLogTerminationRequested(string) error

	// Updates information on task arns and ec2 metadata
	UpdateTaskArnsInstanceIDs(map[string]Ec2Info, map[string]string) error

	// Updates information on EC2 instances running on ECS
	UpdateECSInstances(map[string]Ec2Info, map[string][]string) error

	// Gets alive EC2 instances (according to database)
	GetAliveEC2Instances() ([]string, error)

	// Gets all instance IDs that have jobs stuck in "STARTING" status
	GetStartingStateStuckEC2Instances() ([]string, error)

	// Subscribes to updates about a job status. (see more info on this
	// function in postgres_store.go)
	SubscribeToJobStatus(jobID string) (<-chan Job, func())

Storer is an interface to save jobs in a database/store

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