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func GetServicesStatus

func GetServicesStatus(services []swarm.Service, nodes []swarm.Node, tasks []swarm.Task) map[string]formatter.ServiceListInfo

GetServicesStatus returns a map of mode and replicas

func NewServiceCommand

func NewServiceCommand(dockerCli command.Cli) *cobra.Command

NewServiceCommand returns a cobra command for `service` subcommands

func ParseConfigs

func ParseConfigs(client client.ConfigAPIClient, requestedConfigs []*swarmtypes.ConfigReference) ([]*swarmtypes.ConfigReference, error)

ParseConfigs retrieves the configs from the requested names and converts them to config references to use with the spec

func ParseGenericResources

func ParseGenericResources(value []string) ([]swarm.GenericResource, error)

ParseGenericResources parses an array of Generic resourceResources Requesting Named Generic Resources for a service is not supported this is filtered here.

func ParseSecrets

func ParseSecrets(client client.SecretAPIClient, requestedSecrets []*swarmtypes.SecretReference) ([]*swarmtypes.SecretReference, error)

ParseSecrets retrieves the secrets with the requested names and fills secret IDs into the secret references.

func ValidateSingleGenericResource

func ValidateSingleGenericResource(val string) (string, error)

ValidateSingleGenericResource validates that a single entry in the generic resource list is valid. i.e 'GPU=UID1' is valid however 'GPU:UID1' or 'UID1' isn't


type ShlexOpt

type ShlexOpt []string

ShlexOpt is a flag Value which parses a string as a list of shell words

func (*ShlexOpt) Set

func (s *ShlexOpt) Set(value string) error

Set the value

func (*ShlexOpt) String

func (s *ShlexOpt) String() string

func (*ShlexOpt) Type

func (s *ShlexOpt) Type() string

Type returns the tyep of the value

func (*ShlexOpt) Value

func (s *ShlexOpt) Value() []string

Value returns the value as a string slice

type Uint64Opt

type Uint64Opt struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Uint64Opt represents a uint64.

func (*Uint64Opt) Set

func (i *Uint64Opt) Set(s string) error

Set a new value on the option

func (*Uint64Opt) String

func (i *Uint64Opt) String() string

String returns a string repr of this option

func (*Uint64Opt) Type

func (i *Uint64Opt) Type() string

Type returns the type of this option, which will be displayed in `--help` output

func (*Uint64Opt) Value

func (i *Uint64Opt) Value() *uint64

Value returns the uint64


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