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Package boilingcore has types and methods useful for generating code that acts as a fully dynamic ORM might.



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func FillAliases

func FillAliases(a *Aliases, tables []drivers.Table)

FillAliases takes the table information from the driver and fills in aliases where the user has provided none.

This leaves us with a complete list of Go names for all tables, columns, and relationships.


type Aliases

type Aliases struct {
	Tables map[string]TableAlias `toml:"tables,omitempty" json:"tables,omitempty"`

Aliases defines aliases for the generation run

func ConvertAliases

func ConvertAliases(i interface{}) (a Aliases)

ConvertAliases is necessary because viper

It also supports two different syntaxes, because of viper:

fields... = "values"
  colname = "alias"
  local   = "x"
  foreign = "y"

Or alternatively (when toml key names or viper's lowercasing of key names gets in the way):

name = "table_name"
fields... = "values"
  name  = "colname"
  alias = "alias"
  name    = "fkey_name"
  local   = "x"
  foreign = "y"

func (Aliases) ManyRelationship

func (a Aliases) ManyRelationship(table, fkey, joinTable, joinTableFKey string) RelationshipAlias

ManyRelationship looks up a relationship alias, panics if not found. It will first try to look up a join table relationship, then it will try a normal one-to-many relationship. That's to say joinTable/joinTableFKey are used if they're not empty.

This allows us to skip additional conditionals in the templates.

func (Aliases) Table

func (a Aliases) Table(table string) TableAlias

Table gets a table alias, panics if not found.

type Config

type Config struct {
	DriverName   string         `toml:"driver_name,omitempty" json:"driver_name,omitempty"`
	DriverConfig drivers.Config `toml:"driver_config,omitempty" json:"driver_config,omitempty"`

	PkgName           string   `toml:"pkg_name,omitempty" json:"pkg_name,omitempty"`
	OutFolder         string   `toml:"out_folder,omitempty" json:"out_folder,omitempty"`
	TemplateDirs      []string `toml:"template_dirs,omitempty" json:"template_dirs,omitempty"`
	Tags              []string `toml:"tags,omitempty" json:"tags,omitempty"`
	Replacements      []string `toml:"replacements,omitempty" json:"replacements,omitempty"`
	Debug             bool     `toml:"debug,omitempty" json:"debug,omitempty"`
	AddGlobal         bool     `toml:"add_global,omitempty" json:"add_global,omitempty"`
	AddPanic          bool     `toml:"add_panic,omitempty" json:"add_panic,omitempty"`
	AddSoftDeletes    bool     `toml:"add_soft_deletes,omitempty" json:"add_soft_deletes,omitempty"`
	NoContext         bool     `toml:"no_context,omitempty" json:"no_context,omitempty"`
	NoTests           bool     `toml:"no_tests,omitempty" json:"no_tests,omitempty"`
	NoHooks           bool     `toml:"no_hooks,omitempty" json:"no_hooks,omitempty"`
	NoAutoTimestamps  bool     `toml:"no_auto_timestamps,omitempty" json:"no_auto_timestamps,omitempty"`
	NoRowsAffected    bool     `toml:"no_rows_affected,omitempty" json:"no_rows_affected,omitempty"`
	NoDriverTemplates bool     `toml:"no_driver_templates,omitempty" json:"no_driver_templates,omitempty"`
	NoBackReferencing bool     `toml:"no_back_reference,omitempty" json:"no_back_reference,omitempty"`
	Wipe              bool     `toml:"wipe,omitempty" json:"wipe,omitempty"`
	StructTagCasing   string   `toml:"struct_tag_casing,omitempty" json:"struct_tag_casing,omitempty"`
	RelationTag       string   `toml:"relation_tag,omitempty" json:"relation_tag,omitempty"`
	TagIgnore         []string `toml:"tag_ignore,omitempty" json:"tag_ignore,omitempty"`

	Imports importers.Collection `toml:"imports,omitempty" json:"imports,omitempty"`

	Aliases      Aliases       `toml:"aliases,omitempty" json:"aliases,omitempty"`
	TypeReplaces []TypeReplace `toml:"type_replaces,omitempty" json:"type_replaces,omitempty"`

	Version string `toml:"version" json:"version"`

Config for the running of the commands

func (*Config) OutputDirDepth

func (c *Config) OutputDirDepth() int

OutputDirDepth returns depth of output directory

type RelationshipAlias

type RelationshipAlias struct {
	Local   string `toml:"local,omitempty" json:"local,omitempty"`
	Foreign string `toml:"foreign,omitempty" json:"foreign,omitempty"`

RelationshipAlias defines the naming for both sides of a foreign key.

type State

type State struct {
	Config *Config

	Driver  drivers.Interface
	Schema  string
	Tables  []drivers.Table
	Dialect drivers.Dialect

	Templates     *templateList
	TestTemplates *templateList

State holds the global data needed by most pieces to run

func New

func New(config *Config) (*State, error)

New creates a new state based off of the config

func (*State) Cleanup

func (s *State) Cleanup() error

Cleanup closes any resources that must be closed

func (*State) Run

func (s *State) Run() error

Run executes the sqlboiler templates and outputs them to files based on the state given.

type TableAlias

type TableAlias struct {
	UpPlural     string `toml:"up_plural,omitempty" json:"up_plural,omitempty"`
	UpSingular   string `toml:"up_singular,omitempty" json:"up_singular,omitempty"`
	DownPlural   string `toml:"down_plural,omitempty" json:"down_plural,omitempty"`
	DownSingular string `toml:"down_singular,omitempty" json:"down_singular,omitempty"`

	Columns       map[string]string            `toml:"columns,omitempty" json:"columns,omitempty"`
	Relationships map[string]RelationshipAlias `toml:"relationships,omitempty" json:"relationships,omitempty"`

TableAlias defines the spellings for a table name in Go

func (TableAlias) Column

func (t TableAlias) Column(column string) string

Column get's a column's aliased name, panics if not found.

func (TableAlias) Relationship

func (t TableAlias) Relationship(fkey string) RelationshipAlias

Relationship looks up a relationship, panics if not found.

type TypeReplace

type TypeReplace struct {
	Match   drivers.Column `toml:"match,omitempty" json:"match,omitempty"`
	Replace drivers.Column `toml:"replace,omitempty" json:"replace,omitempty"`
	Imports importers.Set  `toml:"imports,omitempty" json:"imports,omitempty"`

TypeReplace replaces a column type with something else

func ConvertTypeReplace

func ConvertTypeReplace(i interface{}) []TypeReplace

ConvertTypeReplace is necessary because viper

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