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Published: Jun 3, 2019 License: MIT


Go Eureka Client

Based on code from https://github.com/bryanstephens/go-eureka-client .

Getting started

import (
func main() {

	client := eureka.NewClient([]string{
		"", //From a spring boot based eureka server
		// add others servers here
	instance := eureka.NewInstanceInfo("test.com", "test", "", 80, 30, false) //Create a new instance to register
	instance.Metadata = &eureka.MetaData{
		Map: make(map[string]string),
	instance.Metadata.Map["foo"] = "bar" //add metadata for example
	client.RegisterInstance("myapp", instance) // Register new instance in your eureka(s)
	applications, _ := client.GetApplications() // Retrieves all applications from eureka server(s)
	client.GetApplication(instance.App) // retrieve the application "test"
	client.GetInstance(instance.App, instance.HostName) // retrieve the instance from "test.com" inside "test"" app
	client.SendHeartbeat(instance.App, instance.HostName) // say to eureka that your app is alive (here you must send heartbeat before 30 sec)


  • appId here is the name of the app
  • instanceId is the hostname of the app
  • When calling RegisterInstance the appId is needed but not used by eureka, this is not the appId but a whatever value

All these strange behaviour come from Eureka.

Create Client from a config file

You can create from a json file with this form (here we called it config.json):

  "config": {
    "certFile": "",
    "keyFile": "",
    "caCertFiles": null,
    "timeout": 1000000000,
    "consistency": ""
  "cluster": {
    "leader": "",
    "machines": [

And to load it:

client := NewClientFromFile("config.json")


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