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Package rpc provides functionality for request / reply messaging. It is used by package mgmt and cbs.



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type Link struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Link is the bidirectional communication structure used for CBS negotiation

func NewLink(conn *amqp.Client, address string) (*Link, error)

NewLink will build a new request response link

func NewLinkWithSession added in v1.1.0

func NewLinkWithSession(conn *amqp.Client, session *amqp.Session, address string) (*Link, error)

NewLinkWithSession will build a new request response link, but will reuse an existing AMQP session

func (*Link) Close

func (l *Link) Close(ctx context.Context) error

Close the link receiver, sender and session

func (*Link) RPC

func (l *Link) RPC(ctx context.Context, msg *amqp.Message) (*Response, error)

RPC sends a request and waits on a response for that request

func (*Link) RetryableRPC

func (l *Link) RetryableRPC(ctx context.Context, times int, delay time.Duration, msg *amqp.Message) (*Response, error)

RetryableRPC attempts to retry a request a number of times with delay

type Response

type Response struct {
	Code        int
	Description string
	Message     *amqp.Message

Response is the simplified response structure from an RPC like call

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