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Package sas provides SAS token functionality which implements TokenProvider from package auth for use with Azure Event Hubs and Service Bus.



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type Signer

type Signer struct {
	KeyName string
	Key     string

Signer provides SAS token generation for use in Service Bus and Event Hub

func NewSigner

func NewSigner(keyName, key string) *Signer

NewSigner builds a new SAS signer for use in generation Service Bus and Event Hub SAS tokens

func (*Signer) SignWithDuration

func (s *Signer) SignWithDuration(uri string, interval time.Duration) (signature, expiry string)

SignWithDuration signs a given for a period of time from now

func (*Signer) SignWithExpiry

func (s *Signer) SignWithExpiry(uri, expiry string) string

SignWithExpiry signs a given uri with a given expiry string

type TokenProvider

type TokenProvider struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TokenProvider is a SAS claims-based security token provider

func NewTokenProvider

func NewTokenProvider(opts ...TokenProviderOption) (*TokenProvider, error)

NewTokenProvider builds a SAS claims-based security token provider

func (*TokenProvider) GetToken

func (t *TokenProvider) GetToken(audience string) (*auth.Token, error)

GetToken gets a CBS SAS token

type TokenProviderOption

type TokenProviderOption func(*TokenProvider) error

TokenProviderOption provides configuration options for SAS Token Providers

func TokenProviderWithEnvironmentVars

func TokenProviderWithEnvironmentVars() TokenProviderOption

TokenProviderWithEnvironmentVars creates a new SAS TokenProvider from environment variables

There are two sets of environment variables which can produce a SAS TokenProvider

1) Expected Environment Variables:

  • "EVENTHUB_KEY_NAME" the name of the Event Hub key
  • "EVENTHUB_KEY_VALUE" the secret for the Event Hub key named in "EVENTHUB_KEY_NAME"

2) Expected Environment Variable:

  • "EVENTHUB_CONNECTION_STRING" connection string from the Azure portal

looks like: Endpoint=sb://;SharedAccessKeyName=RootManageSharedAccessKey;SharedAccessKey=superSecret1234=

func TokenProviderWithKey added in v0.4.0

func TokenProviderWithKey(keyName, key string) TokenProviderOption

TokenProviderWithKey configures a SAS TokenProvider to use the given key name and key (secret) for signing

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