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Package storage provides implementations for Checkpointer and Leaser from package eph for persisting leases and checkpoints for the Event Processor Host using Azure Storage as a durable store.



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type AADSASCredential

type AADSASCredential struct {
	ResourceGroup  string
	SubscriptionID string
	AccountName    string
	ContainerName  string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

AADSASCredential represents a token provider for Azure Storage SAS using AAD to authorize signing

func NewAADSASCredential

func NewAADSASCredential(subscriptionID, resourceGroup, accountName, containerName string, opts ...AADSASCredentialOption) (*AADSASCredential, error)

NewAADSASCredential constructs a SAS token provider for Azure storage using Azure Active Directory credentials

canonicalizedResource should be formed as described here:

func (*AADSASCredential) New

New creates a credential policy object.

type AADSASCredentialOption

type AADSASCredentialOption func(*aad.TokenProviderConfiguration) error

AADSASCredentialOption provides options for configuring AAD SAS Token Providers

func AADSASCredentialWithEnvironmentVars

func AADSASCredentialWithEnvironmentVars() AADSASCredentialOption

AADSASCredentialWithEnvironmentVars configures the TokenProvider using the environment variables available

1. Client Credentials: attempt to authenticate with a Service Principal via "AZURE_TENANT_ID", "AZURE_CLIENT_ID" and


2. Client Certificate: attempt to authenticate with a Service Principal via "AZURE_TENANT_ID", "AZURE_CLIENT_ID",


3. Managed Service Identity (MSI): attempt to authenticate via MSI

The Azure Environment used can be specified using the name of the Azure Environment set in "AZURE_ENVIRONMENT" var.

type Credential

type Credential interface {

Credential is a wrapper for the Azure Storage azblob.Credential

type LeaserCheckpointer

type LeaserCheckpointer struct {
	// LeasePersistenceInterval is the default period of time which dirty leases will be persisted to Azure Storage
	LeasePersistenceInterval time.Duration
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

LeaserCheckpointer implements the eph.LeaserCheckpointer interface for Azure Storage

func NewStorageLeaserCheckpointer

func NewStorageLeaserCheckpointer(credential Credential, accountName, containerName string, env azure.Environment) (*LeaserCheckpointer, error)

NewStorageLeaserCheckpointer builds an Azure Storage Leaser Checkpointer which handles leasing and checkpointing for the EventProcessorHost

func (*LeaserCheckpointer) AcquireLease

func (sl *LeaserCheckpointer) AcquireLease(ctx context.Context, partitionID string) (eph.LeaseMarker, bool, error)

AcquireLease acquires the lease to the Azure blob in the container

func (*LeaserCheckpointer) Close

func (sl *LeaserCheckpointer) Close() error

Close will stop the leaser / checkpointer from persisting dirty leases & checkpoints to storage

func (*LeaserCheckpointer) DeleteCheckpoint

func (sl *LeaserCheckpointer) DeleteCheckpoint(ctx context.Context, partitionID string) error

DeleteCheckpoint will attempt to delete the checkpoint from Azure Storage

func (*LeaserCheckpointer) DeleteLease

func (sl *LeaserCheckpointer) DeleteLease(ctx context.Context, partitionID string) error

DeleteLease deletes a lease in the storage container

func (*LeaserCheckpointer) DeleteStore

func (sl *LeaserCheckpointer) DeleteStore(ctx context.Context) error

DeleteStore deletes the Azure Storage container

func (*LeaserCheckpointer) EnsureCheckpoint

func (sl *LeaserCheckpointer) EnsureCheckpoint(ctx context.Context, partitionID string) (persist.Checkpoint, error)

EnsureCheckpoint ensures a checkpoint exists for the lease

func (*LeaserCheckpointer) EnsureLease

func (sl *LeaserCheckpointer) EnsureLease(ctx context.Context, partitionID string) (eph.LeaseMarker, error)

EnsureLease creates a lease in the container if it doesn't exist

func (*LeaserCheckpointer) EnsureStore

func (sl *LeaserCheckpointer) EnsureStore(ctx context.Context) error

EnsureStore creates the container if it does not exist

func (*LeaserCheckpointer) GetCheckpoint

func (sl *LeaserCheckpointer) GetCheckpoint(ctx context.Context, partitionID string) (persist.Checkpoint, bool)

GetCheckpoint returns the latest checkpoint for the partitionID.

func (*LeaserCheckpointer) GetLeases

func (sl *LeaserCheckpointer) GetLeases(ctx context.Context) ([]eph.LeaseMarker, error)

GetLeases gets all of the partition leases

func (*LeaserCheckpointer) ReleaseLease

func (sl *LeaserCheckpointer) ReleaseLease(ctx context.Context, partitionID string) (bool, error)

ReleaseLease releases the lease to the blob in Azure storage

func (*LeaserCheckpointer) RenewLease

func (sl *LeaserCheckpointer) RenewLease(ctx context.Context, partitionID string) (eph.LeaseMarker, bool, error)

RenewLease renews the lease to the Azure blob

func (*LeaserCheckpointer) SetEventHostProcessor

func (sl *LeaserCheckpointer) SetEventHostProcessor(eph *eph.EventProcessorHost)

SetEventHostProcessor sets the EventHostProcessor on the instance of the LeaserCheckpointer

func (*LeaserCheckpointer) StoreExists

func (sl *LeaserCheckpointer) StoreExists(ctx context.Context) (bool, error)

StoreExists returns true if the storage container exists

func (*LeaserCheckpointer) UpdateCheckpoint

func (sl *LeaserCheckpointer) UpdateCheckpoint(ctx context.Context, partitionID string, checkpoint persist.Checkpoint) error

UpdateCheckpoint will attempt to write the checkpoint to Azure Storage

func (*LeaserCheckpointer) UpdateLease

func (sl *LeaserCheckpointer) UpdateLease(ctx context.Context, partitionID string) (eph.LeaseMarker, bool, error)

UpdateLease renews and uploads the latest lease to the blob store

type SASToken

type SASToken struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SASToken contains the expiry time and token for a given SAS

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