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func MgmtCheck

func MgmtCheck(ctx *MetadataValidateContext, tag string, metadata model.Metadata) error

MgmtCheck ensures that the management plane package has the correct output-folder

func NamespaceCheck

func NamespaceCheck(ctx *MetadataValidateContext, tag string, metadata model.Metadata) error

NamespaceCheck ensures that the namespace only contains lower case letters, numbers and underscores

func PreviewCheck

func PreviewCheck(ctx *MetadataValidateContext, tag string, metadata model.Metadata) error

PreviewCheck ensures the output-folder of a preview package is under the preview sub-directory


type MetadataValidateContext

type MetadataValidateContext struct {
	Readme     string
	SDKRoot    string
	Validators []MetadataValidateFunc

MetadataValidateContext describes the context needed in validation of the metadata

func (*MetadataValidateContext) Validate

func (ctx *MetadataValidateContext) Validate(tag string, metadata model.Metadata) []error

Validate validates the metadata

type MetadataValidateFunc

type MetadataValidateFunc func(ctx *MetadataValidateContext, tag string, metadata model.Metadata) error

MetadataValidateFunc is a function that validates a metadata is legal or not

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