Package listgroupmembers extract all members from a group in GCI directory using the Admin SDK API

Triggered by

PubSub messages from the GCI groups topic.


Only one.


PubSub messages to a dedicated topic formated like Cloud Asset Inventory feed messages.


One-many: one group may have many members.

There is no limit in GCI on the number of members in a group.

Automatic retrying


Domain Wide Delegation

Yes. The service account used to run this cloud function must have domain wide delegation and the following Oauth scopes:


Key rotation strategy

Same as listgroups microservice.

Implementation example

package p
import (

var global listgroupmembers.Global
var ctx = context.Background()

// EntryPoint is the function to be executed for each cloud function occurence
func EntryPoint(ctxEvent context.Context, PubSubMessage gps.PubSubMessage) error {
    return listgroupmembers.EntryPoint(ctxEvent, PubSubMessage, &global)

func init() {
    listgroupmembers.Initialize(ctx, &global)



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func EntryPoint

func EntryPoint(ctxEvent context.Context, PubSubMessage gps.PubSubMessage, global *Global) error

EntryPoint is the function to be executed for each cloud function occurence

func Initialize

func Initialize(ctx context.Context, global *Global) (err error)

Initialize is to be executed in the init() function of the cloud function to optimize the cold start


type Global

type Global struct {
	PubSubID string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Global structure for global variables to optimize the cloud function performances

type InstanceDeployment

type InstanceDeployment struct {
	DumpTimestamp time.Time `yaml:"dumpTimestamp"`
	Core          *deploy.Core
	Settings      struct {
		Service struct {
			GSU                     gsu.Parameters
			IAM                     iamgt.Parameters
			GCB                     gcb.Parameters
			GCF                     gcf.Parameters
			KeyJSONFileName         string `yaml:"keyJSONFileName"`
			LogEventEveryXPubSubMsg uint64 `yaml:"logEventEveryXPubSubMsg"`
			MaxResultsPerPage       int64  `yaml:"maxResultsPerPage"`
		Instance struct {
			GCF gcf.Event
			GCI struct {
				SuperAdminEmail string `yaml:"superAdminEmail"`

InstanceDeployment settings and artifacts structure

func NewInstanceDeployment

func NewInstanceDeployment() *InstanceDeployment

NewInstanceDeployment create deployment structure with default settings set

func (*InstanceDeployment) Deploy

func (instanceDeployment *InstanceDeployment) Deploy() (err error)

Deploy a service instance

func (*InstanceDeployment) ReadValidate

func (instanceDeployment *InstanceDeployment) ReadValidate() (err error)

ReadValidate reads and validates service and instance settings

func (*InstanceDeployment) Situate

func (instanceDeployment *InstanceDeployment) Situate() (err error)

Situate complement settings taking in account the situation for service and instance settings