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Published: Jul 24, 2023 License: AGPL-3.0


Registration application for CCJ16

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This project contains the entire registration system for CCJ16. This project can be used for other registration systems if wanted.


All requirements are available using the given language's package manager. Currently this includes:



  1. Download this project into your GOPATH: go get
  2. Change into the repository location.
  3. Install the project dependencies for the client side: npm install.


The project is currently missing a configuration file, so main.go will need adjusting. Modify the relevant strings as desired. To run the project, run in the repository location:

  1. Change to the go folder cd regbackend
  2. Build the go project again in the current folder: go build
  3. Run the application in the current folder. Note the path to the html/js is hardcoded, so run the command in the current folder: ./regbackend

The executable will log the http requests and some errors. You can run the server directly against the Internet, or proxied through another web server like lighttpd or nginx.


To run the server side tests, run go test ./... in the repository folder. To run the client side tests, run npm test in the repository folder.


Bug reports are appreciated. Pull requests for any code, documentation, or other changes are appreciated.


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