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var (
	// ChannelAllowedChars tracks the permitted characters for a channel name
	ChannelAllowedChars = "[a-z][a-z0-9.-]*"
	// MaxLength tracks the maximum length of a channel name
	MaxLength = 249


func ValidateChannelID

func ValidateChannelID(channelID string) error

    ValidateChannelID makes sure that proposed channel IDs comply with the following restrictions:

    1. Contain only lower case ASCII alphanumerics, dots '.', and dashes '-'
    2. Are shorter than 250 characters.
    3. Start with a letter

    This is the intersection of the Kafka restrictions and CouchDB restrictions with the following exception: '.' is converted to '_' in the CouchDB naming This is to accommodate existing channel names with '.', especially in the behave tests which rely on the dot notation for their sluggification.

    note: this function is a copy of the same in common/configtx/validator.go


    type EndorserTx

    type EndorserTx struct {
    	ComputedTxID string
    	ChannelID    string
    	ChaincodeID  *peer.ChaincodeID
    	Creator      []byte
    	Response     *peer.Response
    	Events       []byte
    	Results      []byte
    	Endorsements []*peer.Endorsement
    	Type         int32
    	Version      int32
    	Epoch        uint64
    	Nonce        []byte

      EndorserTx represents a parsed common.Envelope protobuf

      func UnmarshalEndorserTxAndValidate

      func UnmarshalEndorserTxAndValidate(txenv *tx.Envelope) (*EndorserTx, error)

        UnmarshalEndorserTxAndValidate receives a tx.Envelope containing a partially unmarshalled endorser transaction and returns an EndorserTx instance (or an error)

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