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Published: Oct 6, 2022 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 56 Imported by: 0



A utility to add, delete, get and compare images on the imageserver.

The imagetool is the most important utility in the Dominator system, as it is used to manage images. Imagetool may be run on any machine. It is typically run on a desktop, bastion or build machine, depending on the sophistication of your build environment.


Imagetool supports several sub-commands. There are many command-line flags which provide parameters for these sub-commands. The most commonly used parameter is -imageServerHostname which specifies which host the imageserver to talk to is running on. The basic usage pattern is:

imagetool [flags...] command [args...]

Built-in help is available with the command:

imagetool -h

Some of the sub-commands available are:

  • add: add an image using a compressed tarfile for image data
  • addi: add an image using an existing image for image data
  • addrep: add an image using an existing image and layer files from compressed tarfiles on top of existing files
  • adds: add an image using files from a running subd for image data (this allows "snapshotting" of a golden machine)
  • bulk-addrep: perform addrep operation for all images
  • change-image-expiration: change or remove the expiration time for an image
  • check: check if an image exists
  • check-directory: check if a directory exists
  • chown: change the owner group of an image directory
  • copy: copy an image
  • copy-filtered-files: copy files from a directory tree which match the image filter
  • delete: delete an image
  • delunrefobj: delete (garbage collect) unreferenced objects
  • diff: compare two images
  • estimate-usage: estimate the file-system space needed to unpack an image
  • find-latest-image: find the latest image in a directory
  • get: get and unpack an image
  • get-archive-data: get archive (audit) data for an image
  • get-file-in-image: get file in an image
  • get-image-expiration: get the expiration time for an image
  • list: list all images
  • listdirs: list all directories
  • listunrefobj: list the unreferenced objects on the server
  • make-raw-image: make a bootable RAW image from an image
  • match-triggers: match a path to a triggers file
  • merge-filters: merge filter files
  • merge-triggers: merge trigger files
  • mkdir: make a directory
  • patch-directory: patch (update) a local directory with an image
  • scan-filtered-files: scan a directory and list those matched by the image filter
  • show: show (list) an image
  • show-filter: show the filter for an image
  • showunrefobj: list the unreferenced objects on the server and their sizes
  • tar: create a tarfile from an image
  • test-download-speed: test the speed for downloading objects for an image


Imageserver restricts RPC access using TLS client authentication. Imagetool will load certificate and key files from the ~/.ssl directory. Imagetool will present these certificates to imageserver. If one of the certificates is signed by a certificate authority that imageserver trusts, imageserver will grant access.


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