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Published: Apr 29, 2024 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 18 Imported by: 0



A utility to control the image-unpacker.

The unpacker-tool utility may be used to debug and control a running image-unpacker. Unpacker-Tool may be run on any machine and can be used to issue the low-level RPC requests used in building bootable image artefacts. It is typically run on a desktop or bastion machine.


Unpacker-tool supports several sub-commands. There are many command-line flags which provide parameters for these sub-commands. The most commonly used parameter is -imageUnpackerHostname which specifies which host the image-unpacker to talk to is running on. The basic usage pattern is:

unpacker-tool [flags...] command [args...]

Built-in help is available with the command:

unpacker-tool -h

Some of the sub-commands available are:

  • add-device: add a device (block storage volume) with specified external identifier. The command will be executed to dynamically add (attach) the storage volume to the machine running the image-unpacker
  • associate: associate an image stream with the specified device
  • claim-device: claim (register) an existing device
  • export-image: export image to a specified destination (i.e. S3-backed AMI)
  • forget-stream: forget the specified image stream
  • get-raw: get the raw contents of the device storing the image and write to the local file specified by the -filename parameter
  • get-status: get status information for the image-unpacker
  • get-device-for-stream: get the device ID for the specified image stream
  • prepare-for-capture: prepare a previously unpacked image for capture by adding/updating a bootloader
  • prepare-for-copy: prepare the device for copying the contents from the image-unpacker (i.e. scp) or with get-raw
  • prepare-for-unpack: prepare the device for unpacking an image by scanning the file-system
  • remove-device: remove an unused device from management
  • unpack-image: unpack the specfied image version (leaf name) for the stream


Image-unpacker restricts RPC access using TLS client authentication. Unpacker-tool will load certificate and key files from the ~/.ssl directory. Unpacker-tool will present these certificates to image-unpacker. If one of the certificates is signed by a certificate authority that image-unpacker trusts, image-unpacker will grant access.


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