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CSGO Demo Downloader

The CSGO demo downloader can automatically download new CSGO official matchmaking demos using the GameCoordinator. In order to do this, a few API credentials and a separate Steam account is needed. The application creates a CSGO game sessions using the separate account and uses the Steam web API to check whether a new demo can be fetched. If that is the case, the application sends a full match info request to the game's GameCoordinator. The GC then returns information about the match which also contain a download link.

The tool saves all the match ids from the demos in the demos directory. This is used to prevent downloading a demo every hour. At a later point, I plan to extend the toolset with a separate basic demo analyzer.

The sqlite database file is located in the configs directory. The database holds information about downloaded matches and will be extended in the future.


Get the latest binary and set up your demo location and the config file.


Copy the config.json.example in the configs dir and rename it to config.json in the same dir.

Key Value Explanation
matchHistoryAuthenticationCode 1234-ABCDE-5678 The match history authentication code can be generated here
knownMatchCode CSGO-abcde-efghi-jklmn-opqrs-tuvwx A share code from one of your latest matches. Can be received via the Game -> Matches
steamId e The SteamID64 of the account to watch
steamApiKey d The Steam Web API key. Can be generate here
username c Steam username
password b Steam password
twoFactorSecret a Base64 encoded two factor secret. Can be generated using e.g. the Steam Desktop Authenticator
demosDir /demos The directory, where the demos should be stored. Should be an absolute path


This is my first ever Golang project, thus you might find some bad practice and a few performance issues in the long run. The project structure is horrible but it works for now. If you have suggestions please go a head and create an issue. This would help me a lot!

This tool is not affiliated with Valve Software or Steam.

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