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func NewCibAdminParser

func NewCibAdminParser(cibAdminPath string) *cibAdminParser


type Attribute

type Attribute struct {
	Id    string `xml:"id,attr"`
	Name  string `xml:"name,attr"`
	Value string `xml:"value,attr"`

type Clone

type Clone struct {
	Id             string      `xml:"id,attr"`
	MetaAttributes []Attribute `xml:"meta_attributes>nvpair"`
	Primitive      Primitive   `xml:"primitive"`

type Parser

type Parser interface {
	Parse() (Root, error)

type Primitive

type Primitive struct {
	Id                 string      `xml:"id,attr"`
	Class              string      `xml:"class,attr"`
	Type               string      `xml:"type,attr"`
	Provider           string      `xml:"provider,attr"`
	InstanceAttributes []Attribute `xml:"instance_attributes>nvpair"`
	MetaAttributes     []Attribute `xml:"meta_attributes>nvpair"`
	Operations         []struct {
		Id   string `xml:"id,attr"`
		Name string `xml:"name,attr"`
		Role string `xml:"role,attr"`
		// todo: interval and timeout are time based vars. We should in future parse them correctly insteaf of string
		Interval string `xml:"interval,attr"`
		Timeout  string `xml:"timeout,attr"`
	} `xml:"operations>op"`

type Root

type Root struct {
	Configuration struct {
		CrmConfig struct {
			ClusterProperties []Attribute `xml:"cluster_property_set>nvpair"`
		} `xml:"crm_config"`
		Nodes []struct {
			Id                 string      `xml:"id,attr"`
			Uname              string      `xml:"uname,attr"`
			InstanceAttributes []Attribute `xml:"instance_attributes>nvpair"`
		} `xml:"nodes>node"`
		Resources struct {
			Primitives []Primitive `xml:"primitive"`
			Masters    []Clone     `xml:"master"`
			Clones     []Clone     `xml:"clone"`
		} `xml:"resources"`
		Constraints struct {
			RscLocations []struct {
				Id       string `xml:"id,attr"`
				Node     string `xml:"node,attr"`
				Resource string `xml:"rsc,attr"`
				Role     string `xml:"role,attr"`
				Score    string `xml:"score,attr"`
			} `xml:"rsc_location"`
		} `xml:"constraints"`
	} `xml:"configuration"`

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