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var CmdVersion = &commands.Command{
	UsageLine: "version",
	Short:     "Prints the current Bee version",
	Long: `
Prints the current Bee, Beego and Go version alongside the platform information.
	Run: versionCmd,


func GetBeegoVersion

func GetBeegoVersion() string

func GetGoVersion

func GetGoVersion() string

func InitBanner

func InitBanner(out io.Writer, in io.Reader)

InitBanner loads the banner and prints it to output All errors are ignored, the application will not print the banner in case of error.

func Now

func Now(layout string) string

Now returns the current local time in the specified layout

func ShowShortVersionBanner

func ShowShortVersionBanner()

ShowShortVersionBanner prints the short version banner.


type RuntimeInfo

type RuntimeInfo struct {
	GoVersion    string
	GOOS         string
	GOARCH       string
	NumCPU       int
	GOPATH       string
	GOROOT       string
	Compiler     string
	BeeVersion   string
	BeegoVersion string

RuntimeInfo holds information about the current runtime.

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