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type BlackListedItem

type BlackListedItem struct {
	ID     string
	Reason string

BlackListedItem is the regex that expresses the devices that are blacklisted and the reason why.

func (BlackListedItem) TableName

func (BlackListedItem) TableName() string

TableName sets BlackListedItem's table name to be "blacklist"; for the GORM driver.

type List

type List interface {
	InList(ID string) (reason string, ok bool)

List is for checking if a device id is in the blacklist.

func NewListRefresher

func NewListRefresher(config RefresherConfig, updater Updater, stop chan struct{}) List

NewListRefresher takes the given values and uses them to create a new listRefresher

type RefresherConfig

type RefresherConfig struct {
	UpdateInterval time.Duration
	Logger         log.Logger

RefresherConfig is the configuration specifying how often to update the list and what logger to use when logging.

type SyncList

type SyncList struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SyncList is an implemention of the List interface that works synchronously.

func NewEmptySyncList

func NewEmptySyncList() SyncList

NewEmptySyncList creates a new SyncList that holds no information.

func (*SyncList) InList

func (m *SyncList) InList(ID string) (string, bool)

InList returns whether or not a device is on the blacklist and why, if it's on the list.

func (*SyncList) UpdateList

func (m *SyncList) UpdateList(data []BlackListedItem)

UpdateList takes the data given and overwrites the blacklist with the new information.

type Updater

type Updater interface {
	GetBlacklist() ([]BlackListedItem, error)

Updater is for getting the blacklist.

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