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func AlmostEqualFloat32

func AlmostEqualFloat32(a, b, threshold float32) bool

func AlmostEqualFloat32Slices

func AlmostEqualFloat32Slices(a, b []float32, threshold float32) error

func ConstructBitset

func ConstructBitset(values []int) []uint32

ConstructBitset return a slice where bits in place of `values` are set

func FindInBitsetUint32

func FindInBitsetUint32(bits uint32, pos uint32) bool

func Float64From8Bytes

func Float64From8Bytes(bytes []byte, littleEndian bool) float32

Float64From8Bytes converts 8 bytes to float

func MinInt

func MinInt(a, b int) int

func NumMismatchedFloat32Slices

func NumMismatchedFloat32Slices(a, b []float32, threshold float32) (int, error)

func ReadParamsUntilBlank

func ReadParamsUntilBlank(reader *bufio.Reader) (stringParams, error)

func Sigmoid

func Sigmoid(x float32) float32

Sigmoid applies sigmoid transformation to value

func SigmoidFloat32SliceInplace

func SigmoidFloat32SliceInplace(vec []float32)

SigmoidFloat32SliceInplace applies sigmoid transformation to each value in slice. Inplace

func SoftmaxFloat32Slice

func SoftmaxFloat32Slice(rawValues []float32, outputValues []float32, startIndex int)


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