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type Classifier

type Classifier struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewClassifier

func NewClassifier(dsn string) (c *Classifier, err error)

func (*Classifier) GetCookieDetail

func (c *Classifier) GetCookieDetail(name string) (cookieType string, cookieDesc string, err error)

type Task

type Task struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewTask

func NewTask(tc *TaskConfig) *Task

func (*Task) Cleanup

func (t *Task) Cleanup()

func (*Task) FormatEmail

func (t *Task) FormatEmail() (str string, err error)

func (*Task) OutputHTML

func (t *Task) OutputHTML() (str string, err error)

func (*Task) OutputJSON

func (t *Task) OutputJSON(pretty bool) (str string, err error)

func (*Task) OutputPDF

func (t *Task) OutputPDF() (blob []byte, err error)

func (*Task) OutputPDFToFile

func (t *Task) OutputPDFToFile(filename string) (err error)

func (*Task) Parse

func (t *Task) Parse(site string) (err error)

func (*Task) Start

func (t *Task) Start() (err error)

func (*Task) Version

func (t *Task) Version() (*godet.Version, error)

type TaskConfig

type TaskConfig struct {
	Timeout           time.Duration
	WaitAfterPageLoad time.Duration
	Verbose           bool
	ChromeApp         string
	DebuggerPort      int
	Headless          bool
	Classifier        *Classifier

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