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SocialBoat is an IndieWeb project, with the goal of making having your own website both easy and fun.

Pre-Launch TODOs
  • Implement CSRF, echo supports this via middleware. Required before going to prod.
  • Add post kinds and update posting / editing interface accordingly
    • Note
    • Article
    • Image(s)
    • Events
      • RSVP
      • Create
    • Check-in (would require we get location from browser)
    • Reblog/Repost/Reply
    • "Like" of a URL
  • Add webmention endpoint, this will be the sole source of "comments" to start
  • Allow sending of webmentions so I can interact with others on the IndieWeb
Future Roadmap
  • IndieAuth server
  • Micropub server
  • Microsub server (and reader interface)


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