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Depp - A fast unused and duplicate package checker Go Reference


## NPM
npm install -g depp-installer 
# (will try to get npm install -g depp later)

## Go
go install


Just run depp in your project folder and it will do the rest. Keep in mind it will likely fail without setting some externals

Note if you want it to work with JS please use -j or --js by default it will do only .ts|.tsx files

All options

➜ depp --help  
   depp - Find un used packages fast

   depp [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]

   clean      Cleans all output files
   show       Shows previous report
   deploy, d  Automatically deploy your report to netlify
   config     A command to handle config
   init       Initialize project
   help, h    Shows a list of commands or help for one command

   --dev, -d                              Enable dev dependencies (default: false)
   --js, -j                               Enable js source files (default: false)
   --path value, -p value                 Overwrite root directory
   --log, -l                              Will write logs to .depcheck.log (default: false)
   --source value, -s value               Overwrite default sources
   --report, -r                           Generate report file (default: false)
   --show-versions, -v                    Show conflicting versions (default: false)
   --write-output-files, -w               This will write the esbuild output files. (default: false)
   --externals value, -e value            Pass custom externals using this flag
   --ignore-namespaces value, --in value  Pass namespace (@monorepo) to be ignored
   --no-open, --no                        Flag to prevent auto opening report in browser (default: false)
   --save-config, --sc                    Flag to automatically save config from other flags (default: false)
   --ci                                   Run in github actions ci mode (default: false)
   --deploy value                         Will automatically deploy report to netlify
   --help, -h                             show help (default: false)

Example Advanced usage

This is an example of advanced usage of the script with externals and ignore-namespace

depp -v -j -e mobx -e magic-sdk -e domain -e @daybrush/utils -e yjs -e constants -e ws  -e perf_hooks -in @editor -in @server   --report


You can save your depp config and not have to run it with flags every time, the config is saved in .depp/config.json but can be created from the cli

# Initialize config
depp init 

➜ depp config --help
   depp config - A command to handle config

   depp config command [command options] [arguments...]

   show                Show current configuration
   path                Set the root path
   versions            Set versions config
   js                  Set js config
   externals           Handle external config
   ignored-namespaces  Handle ignored namespace config
   help, h             Shows a list of commands or help for one command

   --help, -h  show help (default: false)


Currently only supports Github actions out of the box.

In mode, depp will automatically comment on the PR with its report. It will look like this

It can also deploy the report to netlify but requires a NETLIFY_TOKEN which you can get here

name: Dependency CI


    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - name: Checkout
        uses: actions/checkout@v2
          fetch-depth: 0
      - name: Set up Go
        uses: actions/setup-go@v2
          go-version: 1.17
      - name: Install Depp 
        run: go install
      - name: Run Depp
        run: depp --ci
            # NETLIFY_TOKEN: ${{secrets.NETLIFY_TOKEN}}
            # Optional if you want report urls or not
            # You can get a netlify pat here

Example Outputs

  1. Markdown
  2. Html

Why use this

  1. It is using esbuild and go so it is quite a bit faster than most other tools
  2. Most tools that I could find at least, didn't not support monorepos. This does and is built for monorepos


This is not been extensively tested and might have some short comings, it may not identify every unused package but will definitely do a decent first pass


This is built upon the excellent work down by @evanw on esbuild and uses esbuild under the hood


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