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Published: Oct 13, 2018 License: GPL-3.0 Imports: 56 Imported by: 3




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const (
	FlagChainID   = "chain-id"
	FlagENV       = "env"
	FlagVMGenesis = "vm-genesis"
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const EyesCacheSize = 10000


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const (
	FlagLogLevel = "log_level"


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const (
	SubFlag = "sub"


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var InitCmd = GetInitCmd()
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var ShowNodeIDCmd = &cobra.Command{
	Use:   "show_node_id",
	Short: "Show this node's ID",
	RunE:  showNodeID,

ShowNodeIDCmd dumps node's ID to the standard output.


func AppendVMConfig

func AppendVMConfig(configFilePath string, conf *TravisConfig)

func GetInitCmd

func GetInitCmd() *cobra.Command

func GetStartCmd

func GetStartCmd() *cobra.Command

GetStartCmd - initialize a command as the start command with tick

func SetUpRoot

func SetUpRoot(cmd *cobra.Command)

SetUpRoot - initialize the root command


type BaseConfig

type BaseConfig struct {
	// The root directory for all data.
	// This should be set in viper so it can unmarshal into this struct
	RootDir string `mapstructure:"home"`

func DefaultBaseConfig

func DefaultBaseConfig() BaseConfig

type EthermintConfig

type EthermintConfig struct {
	ChainId             uint   `mapstructure:"chainid"`
	RootDir             string `mapstructure:"home"`
	ABCIAddr            string `mapstructure:"abci_laddr"`
	ABCIProtocol        string `mapstructure:"abci_protocol"`
	RPCEnabledFlag      bool   `mapstructure:"rpc"`
	RPCListenAddrFlag   string `mapstructure:"rpcaddr"`
	RPCPortFlag         uint   `mapstructure:"rpcport"`
	RPCCORSDomainFlag   string `mapstructure:"rpccorsdomain"`
	RPCApiFlag          string `mapstructure:"rpcapi"`
	RPCVirtualHostsFlag string `mapstructure:"rpcvhosts"`
	WSEnabledFlag       bool   `mapstructure:"ws"`
	WSListenAddrFlag    string `mapstructure:"wsaddr"`
	WSPortFlag          uint   `mapstructure:"wsport"`
	WSApiFlag           string `mapstructure:"wsapi"`
	VerbosityFlag       uint   `mapstructure:"verbosity"`
	GCMode              string `mapstructure:"gcmode"`

func DefaultEthermintConfig

func DefaultEthermintConfig() EthermintConfig

type Services

type Services struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type TravisConfig

type TravisConfig struct {
	BaseConfig BaseConfig      `mapstructure:",squash"`
	TMConfig   tmcfg.Config    `mapstructure:",squash"`
	EMConfig   EthermintConfig `mapstructure:"vm"`

func DefaultConfig

func DefaultConfig() *TravisConfig

func ParseConfig

func ParseConfig() (*TravisConfig, error)

copied from tendermint/commands/root.go to call our revised EnsureRoot

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