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type Gvk

type Gvk struct {
	Group   string `json:"group,omitempty" yaml:"group,omitempty"`
	Version string `json:"version,omitempty" yaml:"version,omitempty"`
	Kind    string `json:"kind,omitempty" yaml:"kind,omitempty"`

Gvk identifies a Kubernetes API type. https://github.com/kubernetes/community/blob/master/contributors/design-proposals/api-machinery/api-group.md

func ClusterLevelGvks

func ClusterLevelGvks() []Gvk

ClusterLevelGvks returns a slice of cluster-level Gvks

func FromKind

func FromKind(k string) Gvk

FromKind makes a Gvk with only the kind specified.

func (Gvk) Equals

func (x Gvk) Equals(o Gvk) bool

Equals returns true if the Gvk's have equal fields.

func (Gvk) IsClusterKind

func (x Gvk) IsClusterKind() bool

IsClusterKind returns true if x is a cluster-level Gvk

func (Gvk) IsLessThan

func (x Gvk) IsLessThan(o Gvk) bool

IsLessThan returns true if self is less than the argument.

func (Gvk) IsSelected

func (x Gvk) IsSelected(selector *Gvk) bool

IsSelected returns true if `selector` selects `x`; otherwise, false. If `selector` and `x` are the same, return true. If `selector` is nil, it is considered as a wildcard and always return true. e.g. selector <Group: "", Version: "", Kind: "Deployment"> CAN select <Group: "extensions", Version: "v1beta1", Kind: "Deployment">. selector <Group: "apps", Version: "", Kind: "Deployment"> CANNOT select <Group: "extensions", Version: "v1beta1", Kind: "Deployment">.

func (Gvk) String

func (x Gvk) String() string

String returns a string representation of the GVK.

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