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Published: Feb 17, 2017 License: GPL-2.0 Imports: 3 Imported by: 1



Package deck provides api for creating and using a deck of 24 cards.



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const Size = 24

Size is the number of cards in a deck.


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var (
	OrderedDeck []string
	Points      map[byte]int

OrderedDeck is the initial full ordered deck. Points is a map connecting each card with its points.


func AreTheSameSuit

func AreTheSameSuit(card1, card2 string) bool

AreTheSameSuit returns true if card1 and card2 are from the same suit.

func HasHigherRank

func HasHigherRank(card1, card2 string) bool

HasHigherRank returns true if the rank of card1 is higher than the rank of card2.


type Deck

type Deck struct {
	Initial []string
	Current []string

Deck contains the original deck and the current one (after drawing cards).

func New

func New() *Deck

New creates and returns an ordered deck of cards.

func (*Deck) DrawCard

func (d *Deck) DrawCard() (string, error)

DrawCard returns the top card of the deck if it has any.

func (*Deck) DrawNcards

func (d *Deck) DrawNcards(n int) ([]string, error)

DrawNcards returns the top n cards if n <= the size of the current deck.

func (*Deck) Shuffle

func (d *Deck) Shuffle()

Shuffle shuffles the Initial deck and makes a copy of it in Current.

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