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Package renderutil contains tools related to the local rendering of charts.

Local rendering means rendering without the tiller; this is generally used for local debugging and testing (see the `helm template` command for examples of use). This package will not render charts exactly the same way as the tiller will, but will be generally close enough for local debug purposes.



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func CheckDependencies

func CheckDependencies(ch *chart.Chart, reqs *chartutil.Requirements) error

CheckDependencies will do a simple dependency check on the chart for local rendering

func Render

func Render(c *chart.Chart, config *chart.Config, opts Options) (map[string]string, error)

Render chart templates locally and display the output. This does not require the Tiller. Any values that would normally be looked up or retrieved in-cluster will be faked locally. Additionally, none of the server-side testing of chart validity (e.g. whether an API is supported) is done.

Note: a `nil` config passed here means "ignore the chart's default values"; if you want the normal behavior of merging the defaults with the new config, you should pass `&chart.Config{Raw: "{}"},


type Options

type Options struct {
	ReleaseOptions chartutil.ReleaseOptions
	KubeVersion    string

Options are options for this simple local render

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