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func Concat

func Concat(dst, src1, src2 string)

src1 and src2 must not cover the same files. dst will contain an index that contains src1 and src2.

func ConcatN

func ConcatN(dst string, sources ...string)

func File

func File() string

File returns the name of the index file to use. It is either $CSEARCHINDEX or $HOME/.csearchindex.

func Merge

func Merge(dst, src1, src2 string)

Merge creates a new index in the file dst that corresponds to merging the two indices src1 and src2. If both src1 and src2 claim responsibility for a path, src2 is assumed to be newer and is given preference.


type Index

type Index struct {
	File    string
	Verbose bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

An Index implements read-only access to a trigram index.

func Open

func Open(file string) *Index

func (*Index) Close

func (ix *Index) Close()

func (*Index) Name

func (ix *Index) Name(fileid uint32) string

Name returns the name corresponding to the given fileid.

func (*Index) NameBytes

func (ix *Index) NameBytes(fileid uint32) []byte

NameBytes returns the name corresponding to the given fileid.

func (*Index) Paths

func (ix *Index) Paths() []string

Paths returns the list of indexed paths.

func (*Index) PostingAnd

func (ix *Index) PostingAnd(list []uint32, trigram uint32) []uint32

func (*Index) PostingList

func (ix *Index) PostingList(trigram uint32) []uint32

func (*Index) PostingOr

func (ix *Index) PostingOr(list []uint32, trigram uint32) []uint32

func (*Index) PostingQuery

func (ix *Index) PostingQuery(q *Query) []uint32

type IndexWriter

type IndexWriter struct {
	LogSkip bool // log information about skipped files
	Verbose bool // log status using package log
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

An IndexWriter creates an on-disk index corresponding to a set of files.

func Create

func Create(file string) *IndexWriter

Create returns a new IndexWriter that will write the index to file.

func (*IndexWriter) Add

func (ix *IndexWriter) Add(name string, f io.Reader) error

Add adds the file f to the index under the given name. It logs errors using package log.

func (*IndexWriter) AddFile

func (ix *IndexWriter) AddFile(name string, indexname string) error

AddFile adds the file with the given name (opened using os.Open) to the index. It logs errors using package log.

func (*IndexWriter) AddPaths

func (ix *IndexWriter) AddPaths(paths []string)

AddPaths adds the given paths to the index's list of paths.

func (*IndexWriter) Flush

func (ix *IndexWriter) Flush()

Flush flushes the index entry to the target file.

type Query

type Query struct {
	Op      QueryOp
	Trigram []string
	Sub     []*Query

A Query is a matching machine, like a regular expression, that matches some text and not other text. When we compute a Query from a regexp, the Query is a conservative version of the regexp: it matches everything the regexp would match, and probably quite a bit more. We can then filter target files by whether they match the Query (using a trigram index) before running the comparatively more expensive regexp machinery.

func RegexpQuery

func RegexpQuery(re *syntax.Regexp) *Query

RegexpQuery returns a Query for the given regexp.

func (*Query) String

func (q *Query) String() string

type QueryOp

type QueryOp int
const (
	QAll  QueryOp = iota // Everything matches
	QNone                // Nothing matches
	QAnd                 // All in Sub and Trigram must match
	QOr                  // At least one in Sub or Trigram must match

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