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Package tar provides functions to create or extract tar archives.



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func Create

func Create(destPath, dirPath string) error

Create creates a tar archive from a directory. The resulting tar archive format is in POSIX.1 format.

func CreateInPlace

func CreateInPlace(dirPath string) error

CreateInPlace creates a tar archive from a directory in place which means that the original directory is removed after the tar archive is created. The .tar suffix will be added to dirPath once the archive is created.

func Extract

func Extract(destPath, archivePath string) error

Extract extracts a tar archive given its path.

func ExtractInPlace

func ExtractInPlace(archivePath string) error

ExtractInPlace extracts a tar archive, in place, given its path. The original tar archive is removed after extraction and only its content remains. Note that archivePath is expected to have a file extension.


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