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Package vmValues

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func Routes

func Routes(router *wrapper.RouterWrapper)

Routes defines address related routes

type FacadeHandler

type FacadeHandler interface {
	ExecuteSCQuery(*process.SCQuery) (*vm.VMOutputApi, error)
	DecodeAddressPubkey(pk string) ([]byte, error)
	IsInterfaceNil() bool

FacadeHandler interface defines methods that can be used by the gin webserver

type VMValueRequest

type VMValueRequest struct {
	ScAddress  string   `form:"scAddress" json:"scAddress"`
	FuncName   string   `form:"funcName" json:"funcName"`
	CallerAddr string   `form:"caller" json:"caller"`
	CallValue  string   `form:"value" json:"value"`
	Args       []string `form:"args"  json:"args"`

VMValueRequest represents the structure on which user input for generating a new transaction will validate against

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