const PasswordComplexitySuffix = "#$!Az1"


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func AclsToCellAcls

func AclsToCellAcls(ctx context.Context, acls []*idm.ACL) map[string]*rest.CellAcl

AclsToCellAcls Rewrites a flat list of ACLs to a structured map of CellAcls (more easily usable by clients).

func CheckLinkRootNodes

func CheckLinkRootNodes(ctx context.Context, link *rest.ShareLink) error

CheckLinkRootNodes loads the root nodes and check if one of the is readonly. If so, check that link permissions do not try to set the Upload mode.

func CommonAclsForWorkspace

func CommonAclsForWorkspace(ctx context.Context, workspaceId string) (result []*idm.ACL, detectedRoots []string, err error)

CommonAclsForWorkspace makes successive calls to ACL service to get all ACLs for a given workspace.

func ComputeTargetAcls

func ComputeTargetAcls(ctx context.Context, ownerUser *idm.User, cell *rest.Cell, workspaceId string, readonly bool) []*idm.ACL

ComputeTargetAcls create ACL objects that should be applied for this cell.

func DeleteHashDocument

func DeleteHashDocument(ctx context.Context, shareId string) error

func DeleteRootNodeRecursively

func DeleteRootNodeRecursively(ctx context.Context, roomNode *tree.Node) error

DeleteRootNodeRecursively loads all children of a root node and delete them, including the .pydio hidden files when they are folders.

func DeleteWorkspace

func DeleteWorkspace(ctx context.Context, ownerUser *idm.User, scope idm.WorkspaceScope, workspaceId string, checker ContextEditableChecker) error

DeleteWorkspace deletes a workspace and associated policies and ACLs. It also deletes the room node if necessary.

func DiffAcls

func DiffAcls(ctx context.Context, initial []*idm.ACL, newOnes []*idm.ACL) (add []*idm.ACL, remove []*idm.ACL)

DiffAcls compares to slices of ACLs on their RoleID and Action and returns slices of Acls to add and to remove.

func DiffReadRoles

func DiffReadRoles(ctx context.Context, initial []*idm.ACL, newOnes []*idm.ACL) (add []string, remove []string)

DiffReadRoles detects the roles that have been globally added or removed, whatever the node.

func GetOrCreateHiddenUser

func GetOrCreateHiddenUser(ctx context.Context, ownerUser *idm.User, link *rest.ShareLink, passwordEnabled bool, updatePassword string, passwordHashed bool) (user *idm.User, err error)

GetOrCreateHiddenUser will load or create a user to create a ShareLink with.

func GetOrCreateWorkspace

func GetOrCreateWorkspace(ctx context.Context, ownerUser *idm.User, wsUuid string, scope idm.WorkspaceScope, label string, description string, updateIfNeeded bool) (*idm.Workspace, bool, error)

GetOrCreateWorkspace finds a workspace by its Uuid or creates it with the current user ResourcePolicies if it does not already exist.

func GetTemplateACLsForMinisite

func GetTemplateACLsForMinisite(ctx context.Context, roleId string, permissions []rest.ShareLinkAccessType, aclClient idm.ACLServiceClient) (acls []*idm.ACL, err error)

GetTemplateACLsForMinisite loads actions and parameter acls from specific template roles.

func LoadCellAclsObjects

func LoadCellAclsObjects(ctx context.Context, roomAcls map[string]*rest.CellAcl, checker ContextEditableChecker) error

LoadCellAclsObjects loads associated users / groups / roles based on the role Ids of the acls.

func LoadDetectedRootNodes

func LoadDetectedRootNodes(ctx context.Context, detectedRoots []string) (rootNodes map[string]*tree.Node)

LoadDetectedRootNodes find actual nodes in the tree, and enrich their metadata if they appear in many workspaces for the current user.

func LoadHashDocumentData

func LoadHashDocumentData(ctx context.Context, shareLink *rest.ShareLink, acls []*idm.ACL) error

func OwnerResourcePolicies

func OwnerResourcePolicies(ctx context.Context, ownerUser *idm.User, resourceId string) []*service.ResourcePolicy

OwnerResourcePolicies produces a set of policies given ownership to current context user, read/write to current context user, and write access to profile:admin (can be useful for admin).

func ParseRootNodes

func ParseRootNodes(ctx context.Context, shareRequest *rest.PutCellRequest) (error, *tree.Node, bool)

ParseRootNodes reads the request property to either create a new node using the "rooms" Virtual node, or just verify that the root nodes are not empty.

func StoreHashDocument

func StoreHashDocument(ctx context.Context, ownerUser *idm.User, link *rest.ShareLink, updateHash ...string) error

func UpdateACLsForHiddenUser

func UpdateACLsForHiddenUser(ctx context.Context, roleId string, workspaceId string, rootNodes []*tree.Node, permissions []rest.ShareLinkAccessType, update bool) error

UpdateACLsForHiddenUser deletes and replaces access ACLs for a hidden user.

func UpdatePoliciesFromAcls

func UpdatePoliciesFromAcls(ctx context.Context, workspace *idm.Workspace, initial []*idm.ACL, target []*idm.ACL) bool

UpdatePoliciesFromAcls recomputes the required policies from acl changes.

func WorkspaceToCellObject

func WorkspaceToCellObject(ctx context.Context, workspace *idm.Workspace, checker ContextEditableChecker) (*rest.Cell, error)

WorkspaceToCellObject rewrites a workspace to a Cell object by reloading its ACLs.

func WorkspaceToShareLinkObject

func WorkspaceToShareLinkObject(ctx context.Context, workspace *idm.Workspace, checker ContextEditableChecker) (*rest.ShareLink, error)


type ContextEditableChecker

type ContextEditableChecker interface {
	IsContextEditable(ctx context.Context, resourceId string, policies []*service.ResourcePolicy) bool


Path Synopsis
rest Package rest exposes a REST API to manage shared rooms.