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Published: Aug 14, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:


Package devserver makes it easy to view statically generated websites and automatically rebuild them when source data changes. When combined with the "livejs" plugin, it is possible to have a live preview of your site.


func DevServe

func DevServe(builder Builder, port int, sourceDir, targetDir, cacheDir string, watchDirs ...string)

DevServe should be called to start a web server using the provided builder. While the source directory will be watched for changes by default, it is possible to pass in additional directories to watch; modification of these directories will automatically trigger a site rebuild. This function does not return and will continue watching for file changes and serving your website until it is terminated.

type Builder

type Builder interface {
	Build(sourceDir, targetDir, cacheDir string)

Builder interface should be implemented by you to contain the required goldsmith chain to generate your website.

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