Package index creates metadata for directory listings and generates index pages for every directory which contains other files. This is useful for creating static directory views for downloads, image galleries, etc.



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    type Entry

    type Entry struct {
    	Name  string
    	Path  string
    	IsDir bool
    	File  *goldsmith.File

      Entry contains information about a directory item.

      type Index

      type Index struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        Index chainable plugin context.

        func New

        func New(meta map[string]interface{}) *Index

          New creates a new instance of the Index plugin. The meta parameter allows additional metadata to be provided for generated indices.

          func (*Index) FilesKey

          func (plugin *Index) FilesKey(key string) *Index

            FilesKey sets the metadata key used to access the files in the current directory (default: "Files").

            func (*Index) Finalize

            func (plugin *Index) Finalize(context *goldsmith.Context) error

            func (*Index) IndexFilename

            func (plugin *Index) IndexFilename(filename string) *Index

              IndexFilename sets the name of the file to be created as the directory index (default: "index.html").

              func (*Index) Name

              func (*Index) Name() string

              func (*Index) Process

              func (plugin *Index) Process(context *goldsmith.Context, inputFile *goldsmith.File) error

              Source Files