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var ErrCOAPServerAlreadyStarted = errors.New("CoAP server has already been started")

ErrCOAPServerAlreadyStarted indicates that a CoAP server has already been started by the IoT Gateway


func SetAuthenticationTree

func SetAuthenticationTree(c *Gateway, tree string)

SetAuthenticationTree changes the authentication tree that the gateway was created with. This is a convenience function for functional testing.


type Gateway added in v7.1.0

type Gateway struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Gateway represents the IoT Gateway

func New added in v7.1.0

func New(baseURL string, realm string, authTree string, timeout time.Duration, handlers []callback.Handler) *Gateway

New creates a new IoT Gateway

func (*Gateway) Address added in v7.1.0

func (c *Gateway) Address() string

Address returns in string form the address that it is listening on.

func (*Gateway) Initialise added in v7.1.0

func (c *Gateway) Initialise() error

Initialise the IoT Gateway

func (*Gateway) ShutdownCOAPServer added in v7.1.0

func (c *Gateway) ShutdownCOAPServer()

ShutdownCOAPServer gracefully shuts the COAP server down

func (*Gateway) StartCOAPServer added in v7.1.0

func (c *Gateway) StartCOAPServer(address string, key crypto.Signer) error

StartCOAPServer starts a COAP server within the IoT Gateway

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